A celebrity line-up: Fossil introduces four new brand ambassadors

Fossil has chosen four celebrities – Mandy Moore, KJ Apa, Izzy Bizou and Darryl Westly – as brand ambassadors for its latest advertising campaign.

The campaign launches this month and features all Fossil product categories, including smartwatches, watches, handbags and jewellery.

Celebrity stars Mandy Moore and KJ Apa (below) feature in Fossil’s latest advertising campaign.

Fossil Executive Vice President Steve Evans said: ‟When deciding who to cast for our upcoming campaign we kept coming back to the attributes that make up our very DNA: an optimistic attitude, dedication to authenticity and, of course, creative spirit.

“At Fossil we believe that what you make time for defines who you are—our cast and campaign embody that brand ethos, and exemplify how intentional time helps achieve both professional and personal happiness. There is an optimistic spirit reflected in this campaign and we are thrilled to have found a group of ‘creatives’ that celebrate these values throughout their endeavours.

‟The cast marks the beginning of an exciting new era for both Fossil brand and its community, with a new vibrancy and spirit to re-energise today’s audience.

“Celebrating authentic individuals”: Singer Izzy Bizou and artist Darryl Westly (below) are new Fossil ambassadors.

“We are launching what might be our most exciting campaign yet for Fossil brand, one that is all about celebrating authentic individuals,” Evans added.

“Our focus on authenticity is not only rooted in our people, but also our products—we want to continue to create watches, leather goods, wearables and more that represent our growing Fossil family and their unique individual style and spirit.”

Mandy Moore is an American Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated actress, singer and songwriter. Keneti James Fitzgerald, who is known as KJ Apa, is a New Zealand-born actor and star of the American Riverdale series, which is based on Archie comics.

London-based Izzy Bizou is known for music which blends soul, jazz and pop, a style which Fossil said harmonises with the brand’s own modern-vintage style.

Darryl Westly, is a New York-based artist and curator whose paintings experiment with hyperrealism, architectural elements and visual layering.

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