Aramis and Designer Fragrances adds A Drop of Rose to pureDKNY

Aramis and Designer Fragrances has unveiled the next chapter in the pureDKNY story. pureDKNY A Drop of Rose will be introduced to selected travel retail doors in the Americas and Asia Pacific from February.

As with its predecessors, A Drop of Vanilla and A Drop of Verbena, A Drop of Rose evolved in a non-traditional way, whereby the key ingredient came first. This third fragrance features the pink blossoms of the damascene rose, which grows in the Anatolian flower fields of Turkey’s Isparta valley.

Roses grown in the Anatolian flower fields of Turkey’s Isparta valley are the key ingredient of pureDKNY A Drop of Rose

The blossoms are harvested every summer, using a generations-old process that has been virtually unaffected by modern technology. Each flower is hand-picked in the cool, pre-dawn hours. By the end of the season, 2,500 tons of petals have been bagged, weighed, and transported by truck to the distillery where they are gently rolled and processed through 26 stills. The end product, essential oil of rose, is the potent raw material that is later incorporated into the fragrance, described by the brand as “rose in its simplest incarnation”.

In line with pureDKNY’s commitment to sustainability, the fragrance packaging features 100% recyclable glass and aluminium components. The bio-degradable carton is made in facilities powered by renewable energy using materials sourced in managed forests, and printed with low-VOC ink. The outer wrap is NatureFlex, made from cellulose (not petro chemicals).

pureDKNY is continuing its partnership with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation which aims to help lift women out of global poverty. To celebrate the new launch, DKNY will make a donation to CARE. To date the partnership has helped to educate Ugandan vanilla farmers through Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLA), CARE’s savings-led microfinance programme. CARE has shown that when people in the world’s poorest communities have access to basic financial services – including secure savings, credit, insurance, and other products – they can help lift themselves out of poverty.

In addition, by purchasing its rose from local farmers in Turkey (the majority of whom are women), pureDKNY is helping to secure the region’s long-term rose production.

To support the new fragrance launch, the brand has launched Share If You Care, a new pureDKNY application on the global DKNY Fragrances Facebook page, which shares the story behind each of the three fragrances, and also highlights the partnership with CARE.

The app links to online videos, which explain the background to the pureDKNY fragrances, and also allows Facebook users to share on their own wall information about DKNY’s partnership with CARE.


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