Porsche marks 60 years of the 911 with limited-edition sunglasses collection

GERMANY. Sixty years after the Porsche 911 was unveiled, Porsche Design has launched a limited-edition eyewear range inspired by the classic motor, with only 911 pieces created.

The limited edition collection comes as part of a wider release by the brand, which features four new ranges – Motion, Blade, Air Spring and Flowing Titanium. The Porsche 911 capsule collection is an extension of the Flowing Titanium line. It includes two models, the P’8966 and P’8396, reimagined in the same colours as the anniversary edition of the Porsche 911: black and Shore blue.

Each piece in the collection is made with a 100% Beta Titanium frame and features Porsche’s innovative VISION DRIVE™ technology in the lenses to filter UVA light.

Designed by the young Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and his team, and unveiled on 12 September 1963 in Frankfurt, the original 911 sports car – initially named the 901 – immediately won the hearts of car lovers. The initial run was for only 82 models, which are now among some of the rarest cars in the world.

The Motion series by Porsche Design is available in four colourways 

In a statement, Porsche said it was sticking to its brand’s core philosophy with the new collection. “‘Optimising the function. Reducing the form to its essentials. Finding the best possible solution. Even today, Porsche Design follows this philosophy and a clear design language that goes back to its founder, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

“Thanks to a passion for the perfect form, innovative materials and maximum functionality, each collection pushes the boundaries in a pursuit to redefine the standards, boldly moving forward to create new trends,” said the statement.

A rare, original and stunning Porsche 911, first known as the 901. Only 82 models were made before Peugeot forced a name change to the 911.

The Motion series collection, available in four colourways, is characterised by a play on chromatic contrasts”. The hinge of the glasses is inspired by the wheel rim of the Porsche 911 Turbo and embodies its lightness. 

The Blade series reflects the pure DNA of motorsports”, combining high-quality stainless steel and RXP® high-performance plastic for comfort and lightness.

Porsche Design’s Blade series features high-quality materials including RXP® high-performance plastic

The Air Spring series combines a clean and linear design with minimalistic, functional details. Meanwhile, the Flowing Titanium series is inspired by the silhouette of the Porsche 911, combining elegant design with performance.

All Porsche sunglasses are heat and corrosion resistant.

The Air Spring’s design is minimalist and functional

The collections are available worldwide at Porsche Design stores, exclusive department stores, specialist travel and landside retailers, and online at www.porsche-design.com. ✈

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