The Mercurius Group releases Australia-New Zealand Airport Hotel Study

The Airport Hotel Study: In-depth analysis and benchmarking of a key revenue-generating activity at airports

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND. Leading airport, investor and travel retail advisory firm, The Mercurius Group has released the inaugural edition of the Airport Hotel Study (AHS) for 2021-22.

Ivo Favotto: Assessing the feasibility and viability of airport hotels through this new report

The study focuses on Australia and New Zealand, covering all 27 airports in the region that have annual passenger volumes exceeding 500,000.

This is the first comprehensive study conducted of all hotels within a 5km radius of an airport in Australia and New Zealand.

Key features include:
• a comprehensive catalogue of all airport hotels in the market;
• analysis of airport hotels (number of hotels, number of hotel rooms, average number of rooms and number of hotels and rooms per million passengers) by category (as defined by Mercurius) including terminal adjacent, on-airport walkable, off-airport walkable, on campus non-walkable and catchment (off-airport non-walkable and within 5km);
• analysis of airport hotels (number of hotels, number of hotel rooms, average number of rooms and number of hotels and rooms per million passengers) by market positioning (as defined by Mercurius) including premium, mid-scale, apartment, economy and budget;
• a catalogue of airport hotels by hotel operator; and
• benchmarks of airport hotels in terms of financial performance, including key indicators such as: Average Daily Room Rate (ADRR); Occupancy; Revenue per Available Room (REVPAR); and Profitability.

The study is intended as a resource for airports and hotel operators assess the feasibility and viability of airport hotels.

Click to open the Airport Hotel Study order form; orders can be made by contacting Ivo Favotto at the email address on this page

The Mercurius Group Managing Director Ivo Favotto said: “The proliferation of airport hotels across Australia and New Zealand over recent years has been nothing short of phenomenal. The airport catchment market has always been strong, but other categories such as terminal adjacent and on-airport walkable hotels have recorded material growth.

“The AHS helps to explain this phenomena with an-depth analysis of airport hotels on a per million passenger basis, and by comparing the performance of airport hotels with downtown and other hotels across a range of key performance indicators.”

The AHS adds to Mercurius’ growing portfolio of industry studies and research collaborations. These include The Airport Commercial Revenues Study (published by The Moodie Davitt Report); The Airport Car Parking Study and The Airport F&B Study (AU+NZ).

Further studies on other critical airport commercial revenue streams are planned for release over the coming months.

For further comment and to purchase a copy of the AHS, please contact: Ivo Favotto, Managing Director, The Mercurius Group.

Tel: +61 423 564 057

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