Thomas Sabo breathes fire into its jewellery offer with Dragon Nights

Thomas Sabo will preview its new Dragon Nights collection at TFWA World Exhibition (Blue Village, C14).

The Dragon Nights collection will be available globally from October.

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All pieces in the Dragon Nights collection are hand-made and made from 925 sterling silver, partly with 18k rose-gold plating. Some items are decorated with feathered dragon heads and intertwined ornaments. Other highlights include stone embellishment and enamel inlay work, which have been added to jewellery pieces using traditional techniques.

All 70 items in the Dragon Nights collection are hand-made

Thomas Sabo Creative Director Susanne Kölbli said: “In our Dragon Nights collection, the frisson between the historical symbols of Asia and the very urban, contemporary implementation of modern design, erupts into a glamour that celebrates the current revival of culture celebrating jewellery.”

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