Whitehouse launches Kroc in domestic and travel retail markets

UK. UK-based Whitehouse Leisure and Whitehouse Travel Retail has launched a new watch brand, Kroc, in consumer and travel retail markets jointly.

Priced from £8 to £16, the range aims to fill the gap in the travel retail market for low-priced but good quality watches, claimed Whitehouse.

Besides sports ion band watches, the range also includes models with dial faces that can be interchanged (such as the 490007 Snapstrap watches). Whitehouse is looking at marketing the latter as a set with one dial and three straps (or vice versa) for travel retail.

The watches are available in an array of designs, from old-school “˜snap’ strap styles to extra long wraparound straps to the traditional buckle-style. There is also a selection featuring removable faces. Each is available in either LCD or analogue versions.

“These are ideally suitable for all passengers. The packaging is compact with a focus on design so that style is not sacrificed for size,” said Whitehouse Travel Retail Managing Partner Geoff Hutley.

“There is still a gap in the travel retail market for low-priced but good quality watches in styles other than sports bands. Although we of course have sports watches in our collection and do provide a full profile of these, we also have other different designs such as the Snapstrap watch with a simple strap that just fits to your wrist with one quick slap movement.”

Priced from £8-16, the Kroc range aims to fill the gap for low-priced but good quality in styles other than sports bands

Key colours in the range will be black, white, pink and blue, but Hutley revealed that retailer-exclusive colours will be made based on customer requirements, including the ability to match any Pantone colour. “We are also happy to brand for airlines as per requirement,” Hutley added.

The watches will roll out in travel retail from 1 September. They will be on display at the Whitehouse Travel Retail Apartment in Cannes next month (10 Rue Buttura 06400 Cannes).

For more information, contact contact Geoff Hutley, tel: +44 7875 174405, or e-mail: ghutley@whitehousetravel.co.uk. Visit www.whitehousetravel.co.uk or www.kroc.co.uk.

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