“A magical experience that will change retail forever” – OTG unveils Amazon Just Walk Out in world airport first

USA. OTG is bringing “game-changing” checkout-free shopping to US airports at select CIBO Express Gourmet Market stores with the deployment of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology — a world-first for airports.

The travel restaurateur will introduce the technology on 16 March at its CIBO Express Gourmet Market in Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C. Further launches will follow at fellow CIBO Express Gourmet Markets at Newark Liberty and New York LaGuardia, and then at other OTG outlets, CEO Rick Blatstein told The Moodie Davitt Report (click Podcast for his full interview with Martin Moodie).

As explained in the video below, the Just Walk Out technology allows retailers to eliminate check-outs, with travellers able to enter the stores by presenting their credit cards at turnstiles. The use of technologies such as smart shelf sensors and ceiling cameras then allow them to simply pick-up the CIBO items they wish to purchase and walk out of the store. Travellers are automatically billed as they leave.

OTG said its aim was to “revolutionise” the passenger experience by simplifying the shopping process, eliminating points of friction, and saving time.

“We’re incredibly proud to be integrating Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology into the OTG airport experience,” said CEO Rick Blatstein. “OTG has always embraced technology as a means of optimising the airport experience so that we can give our guests their time back. By using the world’s most advanced shopping technology in our CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, we’re doing just that by putting our guests in full control of their time.”

“This is going to change retail around the world, forever,” says OTG CEO Rick Blatstein

Blatstein told The Moodie Davitt Report and FAB (our specialist airport food & beverage title*) that Just Walk Out was “perfect for the airport environment”, and that his company had been working with Amazon for some time on the project. “There’s a real kindred spirit between our two companies. This is going to change retail around the world, forever,” he commented.

“People will be able to just walk in, take what they want, and walk out – it’s a magical experience, and unlike anything else. The technology and people behind it are spectacular. The insights we will gain from this make it a game-changer.”

The CIBO Express Gourmet Market stores offer a curated assortment of food, beverages, health and beauty solutions, gifts and electronics. There are currently over 100 CIBO outlets across ten airports in North America.

Amazon has adapted its Just Walk Out system for other retailers, such as OTG. Users’ Amazon accounts are not involved

Amazon announced that it would roll-out its Just Walk Out service to other retailers earlier this week, and Vice President, Physical Retail & Technology Dilip Kumar said the company was “thrilled” to be working with OTG at its airport stores.

“We’ve found that shoppers truly appreciate checkout-free retail experiences,” commented Kumar. “Starting next week, travellers in the busy Newark Liberty Terminal C will no longer have to assess store lines to determine if they can quickly grab that snack, bottle of water, or travel essential they need before their flight.

“OTG’s CIBO Express Gourmet Markets featuring Just Walk Out technology will let them quickly grab what they need and get on their way without standing in line to check out. We can’t wait to hear how travellers like the experience.”

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