AENA to talk on political element of Aldeasa sale – 09/03/05

SPAIN. Manuel Azuaga, the chairman of Spanish airport authority Aena, is due to appear before parliament in Spain today to explain whether there has been political interference in the takeover operation involving Aldeasa, according to a report in the local newspaper Expansión.

The opposition PP party claimed that political interference had taken place after Aena announced, on the day of the first takeover offer being presented, that it planned to change the way it charged Aldeasa to rent retail space in its airports, claiming a percentage of sales instead of profits.

Before the takeover bid was launched, the government’s health department approved an anti-smoking law which would mean a ban on tobacco sales in Aldeasa shops. This measure has since been withdrawn. Tobacco sales represent 30% of Aldeasa’s turnover.

The first takeover bid, of €29 per share, was launched in December by Spanish investment consortium GEA. Higher bids have since come from Switzerland’s Dufry and Italy’s Autogrill.

The Autogrill/Altadis offer of €33 per share looks set for clearance imminently.


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