Aldeasa outsources Madrid Barajas Airport supply chain activities to Logista – 12/09/06

Logista will manage the supply chain for some 15 million units each year

SPAIN. Logista has signed a major logistics agreement with Aldeasa to take supply responsibility for the Spanish retailer’s shops at Madrid Barajas Airport.

Logista is described as the number one integrated logistics operator in Spain and Portugal, and one of Europe’s main players.

The company will closely work with Aldeasa’s logistics department in designing a new logistics model. This will replace the one being used by the airport retailer in an effort to gain higher operating efficiency and reinforce Aldeasa’s store marketing efforts.

A three-year agreement has been signed, extendable for three more. Aldeasa said the deal will allow it to reach higher operating efficiency in supplying more than 60 shops in Terminals One, Two, Three, Four and the Satellite at Barajas.

During this time Logista will be responsible for managing more than 6,200 references from a broad range of products, including fragrances and cosmetics, fashion, leathergoods, costume jewellery, electronics, delicatessen, tobacco and liquor.

Under the agreement Logista plans to manage, in co-operation with Aldeasa’s existing structure, some 15 million units per year, and become Aldeasa’s integrated logistics operator for the Madrid area.

Logista will receive orders from each shop and the goods for Barajas Airport from Aldeasa’s vendors, centralising storage in its platform at Cabanillas del Campo (in Guadalajara). The logistics specialist will consolidate in one delivery all orders from each shop and dispatch them the same day. “This will make administrative management simpler, ensuring stock reliability and allowing shops to dedicate more time to commercial duties and quality customer care,” the companies said.

Both companies emphasised the intensive work involved in consolidating goods from different suppliers in one delivery. The products involved are diverse in nature and high in value, Aldeasa and Logista noted.

Logista will also take care of supplying Aldeasa’s cigar humidors, ensuring items are delivered in optimum condition.


Aldeasa, equally owned by Autogrill and tobacco house Altadis, manages more than 240 shops in airports located in 14 countries across Europe, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and North America.

Grupo Logista, partly-owned by Altadis, is the number-one integrated logistics operator in Spain and Portugal, and one of Europe’s main players.

Logista’s specialised network allows 36 million deliveries a year to over 270,000 points in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.


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