ALFA Brands debuts new Jelly Belly cocktail range

Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics Clear Classics gift pack

US. US agent ALFA Brands is introducing to travel retail a range of new Jelly Belly Candy Company products based on classic cocktail flavours.

The gift-packed jelly bean range, described as non-alcoholic but designed with adults in mind, is called “It’s five o’clock somewhere”, referring to the cocktail hour. Flavours are based on popular cocktails such as the mojito and piña colada.

The speciality Jelly Belly range comprises the following new items:

Cocktail Classic Gold Stripe Tie-Top Bag (case pack size: 12 – 9oz) – available June 2010;

Cocktail Classics Gift Box (12 – 4.25oz) – available June 2010;

Cocktail Classics Clear Classics (12 – 7.5oz) – available August 2010.

In addition, the new Jelly Belly Fabulous Five Gift Box contains five popular jelly bean mixes in one box, including Citrus Mix and Smoothie Blend. The case size is 12 – 4.25oz, and the product is available in June 2010.

For details, contact Amy Hildreth, ALFA Brands, tel: +1 336 775 2995, fax: +1 336 775 2996, or e-mail

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