Aramis and Designer Fragrances adds Verbena to pureDKNY portfolio

pureDKNY: scent with a social conscience

Aramis and Designer Fragrances has extended its pureDKNY portfolio with a new Verbena fragrance. The pureDKNY – A Drop of Verbena Collection will be available in travel retail locations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas in January 2012, and will roll out to Asia Pacific in February.

The original pureDKNY fragrance partnered with CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty. That partnership is set to continue, as DKNY celebrates the launch of this latest fragrance by making a donation to support CARE’s continent-wide Access Africa programme which provides resources to help even more women escape poverty.

The pureDKNY and CARE partnership began in 2010 with the launch of pureDKNY Vanilla. Together they helped educate the Ugandan vanilla farmers through Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLA), CARE’s savings-led microfinance programme. CARE’s experience has shown that when people in the world’s poorest communities have access to basic financial services – including secure savings, credit, insurance, and other products – they can lift themselves out of poverty. By purchasing its vanilla from local Ugandan vanilla farmers, the majority of which are women, pureDKNY has taken a step to help secure long-term vanilla production in Uganda.

“I travelled to Uganda to see first-hand the progress we have made,” stated Angela Lindvall, global spokesperson for pureDKNY. “I met women like Nuella. As a member of the VSLA program, she was able to borrow the funds necessary to get healthcare for her children, protecting them against malaria. Another woman, Immaculate, can now send her children to school. We are helping to change lives through this revolutionary fragrance.”

“PureDKNY is creating a movement, not just a donation,” noted Aramis and Designer Fragrances President Veronique Gabai-Pinsky. CARE’s Access Africa is helping establish Village Savings and Loans Associations in 39 African countries, with a goal of reaching 30 million people over the next decade. “By aligning with CARE we are trying to make a difference in this world with this scent. We join CARE in its goal of reaching more women, children and men and educating them so they can break away from poverty.”

The hybrid note which makes up pureDKNY Verbena, Verbena-Basil, has a sparkling citrus, lemon-like quality, according to the brand. Verbena has been used in fragrances as well as infusions for centuries.

This particular species has the additional green crisp nuance of basil, which provides freshness and brightness to the oil. The fragrance has been crafted to accentuate the freshness of this raw material, balanced within a sophisticated light floral structure and supported with natural depth. The end result is described as a sparkling, wet fresh scent which personifies the pureDKNY brand.

By purchasing its Verbena from local farmers in Togo, the majority of whom are women, pureDKNY has taken a step to help secure long-term production of Verbena production in Togo. Trudi Loren, Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide for the Estée Lauder Companies explained: “A fragrance with a conscience allows us, in a small way, to empower women from another continent, and make a difference in this world through scent.”

PureDKNY Verbena is presented in a clear, crystal bottle inspired by a raindrop, made from 100% recyclable glass and topped with a cap made of 100% recyclable high quality aluminium.

The outer packaging is constructed from Certified Forest Paper and printed with lower volatile organic compound (voc) inks, manufactured at wind-powered facilities. The carton is wrapped in NatureFlexâ„¢ film, derived from the renewable wood-pulp of managed plantations.

The pureDKNY – A Drop of Verbena Collection is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml references.

About CARE’s Access Africa
CARE’s Access Africa programme provides savings-led financial services to more people in Africa than any other non-governmental organisation. Over the next 10 years, Access Africa will reach 30 million people in 39 African countries. CARE’s Village Savings and Loan Associations are typically built by women living on less than US$2 per day who collectively save pennies each week, then make small loans to each other to help finance small businesses and essential household expenses. CARE offers VSLA members one year of intensive training in managing money. Because VSLAs are self-contained and operated by their own members, they are sustainable and replicable in communities where traditional financial institutions cannot operate.


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