Belgian chocolate company NewTree appoints Christophe Balaÿ to lead travel retail charge – 24/02/09

NewTree Global Travel Retail Agent and Consultant Christophe Balaÿ

BELGIUM. NewTree, a Brussels-based premium chocolate company, has appointed Christophe Balaÿ as global travel retail agent and consultant.

Balay will launch the brand globally into travel retail markets. Travel retailers such as Lojas Francas in Portugal and Silja Line have already included NewTree products in their confectionery assortments.

About NewTree

Formed in 2001, NewTree has developed fast since and is listed on the Brussels Euronext stock exchange.

The company’s key premise is “bringing together gastronomy and health benefits” with the production of chocolates that contain functional ingredients.

The concept is based on a survey which showed that one in four western consumers are interested in chocolates with physical or emotional health benefits.

The survey revealed that 27% of consumers in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and the US buy chocolate to promote a feeling of well-being and to boost their mood. In addition, 21% of consumers across the six countries are interested in chocolate that contains functional ingredients.

According to NewTree, the functional chocolate market has grown by an average of +15% year-on-year for the past four years. The company claimed that the functional chocolate trend is just at the beginning of the curve.

Function with flair: The NewTree chocolate tablets range with natural, health-promoting ingredients (top); NewTree Sexy dark chocolate tablet with ginger (bottom left); NewTree Young dark chocolate with cherry (bottom right)

The company’s name “˜NewTree’ means a new approach to nutrition as well as the use of natural plants and ingredients in foodstuffs (as implied by the word ‘Tree’).

Research and development is of primary importance to NewTree – the company has an in-house team of chocolate makers, nutritionists and biochemists who focus on creating new and original chocolate recipes using health-promoting, beneficial ingredients.

NewTree has received various awards for its originality, quality and entrepreneurial policies. The company’s products include ingredients such as Omega 3 and antioxidants. NewTree was also granted the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) Superior Taste Award – a recognition by the world’s leading independent chef- and sommelier-based organisation, dedicated to judging, awarding and promoting superior tasting food and drinks from around the world.

Other awards include the Great Taste Award granted by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food and Anuga’s Top Innovation Award.

NewTree’s products are distributed via a network of high-quality food retail outlets in over 20 countries worldwide. This distribution base includes Europe, North America and Asia (including Japan and China) as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Subsidiaries were opened in recent years in the US, France, Spain and Japan to service the fast-expanding regional markets.

NewTree chocolates also come in assorted 9g napolitains (top and bottom right) and assorted 5g napolitains (bottom left)

Product Range

NewTree products are available in 80g tablets, 30g bars and boxes of assorted 9g napolitains.

The brand’s chocolate names and flavours are associated with the natural benefits derived from plant and fruit extracts known for their health-enhancing properties.

Products names – including Pleasure, Eternity, Young, Sexy, Tranquility, Serenity, Cocoon, Bikini, Freezing and Pink – evoke the benefits that can be derived from chocolates that are rich in antioxidants, contain stimulating, digestive or relaxing ingredients or are rich in soy isoflavons.

Additionally, NewTree chocolates are made with all-natural ingredients, contain no preservatives, colourants or genetically modified organisms and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

All NewTree chocolates have a high cocoa content – 73% cocoa in dark chocolates and 33% cocoa in milk chocolates – resulting in an intense taste.

For more information, contact Christophe J. Balaÿ, Travel Retail Markets, tel: +33 611 02 57 30 or e-mail: Visit


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