Blue Caterpillar seals exclusive distribution agreement with Secoton Wine Group

Premium spirits distributor Blue Caterpillar* has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Secoton Wine Group, owners of the Italian craft spirits company Spiriti Artigiani.

The new partnership will see Spiriti Artigiani products, which include ‘Not Another Vermut’ (N.A.V.) Vermouth, available in markets throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and in global travel retail.

Blue Caterpillar said the alliance strengthens the distributor’s presence in the markets, “ushering in a new era of heightened accessibility and appreciation for the captivating world of Italian spirits”.

The collaboration also solidifies Blue Caterpillar’s commitment to expanding its reach. “This strategic partnership signifies a promising chapter in the company’s growth trajectory, where Blue Caterpillar remains resolute in its pursuit of enriching the spirits landscape,” the company added.

‘Not Another Vermut’ – Spiriti Artigiani introduces its Vermouth Rosso

Blue Caterpillar COO Christoph Henkel commented: “This exclusive distribution agreement amplifies our dedication to curate an exquisite portfolio of premium spirits, ensuring our clientele can indulge in the timeless elegance and distinct flavours of Italian Vermouth, expertly crafted by Spiriti Artigiani.”

Secoton Wine Group CEO Luca D’Andrea added: “We are extremely enthusiastic about the partnership with Blue Caterpillar and the opportunities that we will be able to seize together in these new channels.

“This strategic agreement will give the opportunity to our craft spirits division, Spiriti Artigiani – and starting from our multi-awarded N.A.V. Vermouth – to greatly expand visibility in many new markets and reach many new consumers worldwide.”

Spiriti Artigiani’s vision is to produce vermouth which marries intricate traditional flavours with a contemporary approach.

Its Vermouth Rosso has a Pinto Grigio base and features 27 botanicals including chinotto, cherry, chamomile, dittany, yarrow, wormwood, tarragon, pink pepper, nutmeg, rhubarb and liquorice. With intense bergamot and orange aromas, the expression is described as “fascinating when drunk neat or with ice”.

Spiriti Artigiani also produces Spirito delle Dolomiti Amaro.

Blue Caterpillar noted recent trends in the drinks industry which indicate a renaissance in the popularity of vermouth fortified wine and amaro liqueur. “As cocktail enthusiasts increasingly seek diverse and unique experiences, Vermouth and Amaro have emerged as essential ingredients in the art of mixology, igniting a reinvigorated passion for finely crafted beverages,” the company said. ✈

*Blue Caterpillar is an exhibitor at the forthcoming TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes, 1-5 October (Green Village J53).

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