Bob Miller pays warm tribute to fellow DFS Co-Founder Chuck Feeney

INTERNATIONAL. Robert (Bob) W. Miller, the Co-Founder of DFS Group (and still a 38.75% shareholder alongside LVMH) has paid warm tribute to Charles (Chuck) Feeney, his original partner in the travel retailer, who passed away on 9 October aged 92.

Chuck Feeney’s personal, business and philanthropic life was brilliantly captured in Irish writer Conor O’Clery’s ‘The Billionaire Who Wasn’t’

“I was saddened to learn of Chuck Feeney’s passing,” Miller told The Moodie Davitt Report. “He and I go back many years to when we met each other at Cornell in the 1950s.

“We met again in Europe in 1957, bonded and formed a friendship which developed into a successful working relationship which gave birth to Duty Free Shoppers (DFS).

“Chuck and I  worked together for 35 years. He was an excellent partner – smart, entrepreneurial and generous. It was obvious that his goal in life was to be philanthropic. He certainly achieved this.

“The staff at DFS loved him. He was very good with people and incredibly loyal to those who worked closely with him. He will be missed.

“I send my condolences to his family and his dear friends.”

Feeney’s passing was announced by Atlantic Philanthropies, a body he silently started and funded in the early 1980s when DFS (previously Duty Free Shoppers) ruled the duty free shopping industry worldwide thanks to its immense success with catering to the needs and desires of outbound Japanese travellers from 1964 onwards.

Atlantic Philanthropies said: “We mourn the loss of Atlantic Founder Charles F. Feeney, who devoted his entire personal fortune to global philanthropy in his lifetime.” ✈

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The remarkable story of DFS and its Co-Founder Robert (Bob) Warren Miller – who remains at 90 an active DFS shareholder – was documented in Miller’s Tale, Martin Moodie’s biography of Miller published privately in 2022
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