Bombay Sapphire presents “The Art of the Cocktail” at Heathrow terminal one – 01/06/05

UK. Bombay Sapphire has created a new, two-part experience for travellers in the new Eastern Extension at London Heathrow airport terminal one, in conjunction with BAA and World Duty Free (WDF).

After security, travellers enter a Bombay Sapphire-branded corridor leading into the international departure lounge, where an eye-catching educational unit, the “Bombay Sapphire Interactive Cocktail Experience” , is stationed.

The unit was unveiled on 27 May, with Jamie Walker, Bombay Sapphire’s Global Brand Ambassador, at the helm to mix a selection of cocktails and sign his book, Sapphire and Ice.

The Bombay Sapphire Interactive Cocktail Experience guides consumers through an interactive set-up featuring a DVD screen with touch screen capabilities, surrounded by 10 mini glass stands of each cocktail model.

The DVD screen displays Walker, who introduces Bombay Sapphire by telling travellers about its special vapour infusion process and 10 unique botanicals.

Depending on which cocktail the consumer chooses, Walker then presents on-screen how to make that specific concoction. This interactive “how-to” cocktail lesson is followed by a call-to-action whereby Walker directs customers to the WDF store where they can purchase a bottle to make their own Bombay Sapphire cocktails at home.

The Bombay Sapphire Interactive Cocktail Experience will be stationed at the Eastern Extension of T1 for six months, during which time a Bombay Sapphire Ambassador will be available for six hours every day to answer questions, direct travellers to the interactive screen and sample consumers on Bombay Sapphire cocktails.

After six months, the Experience will travel to another airport to continue Bombay Sapphire’s efforts to reach the international travel retail customer in engaging and unexpected ways.

To ensure brand understanding in T1, Bombay Sapphire took thirty WDF staff to the Bombay Sapphire Brand Experience Centre at Vinopolis in London for brand training and a cocktail mixology session.


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