British Airways to extend pre-order service with onboard ordering

INTERNATIONAL. Tourvest Duty Free and British Airways will launch the next phase of the airline’s pre-order, seat-delivery retail programme on 1 March, with cabin crew taking onboard orders for fulfilment on return journeys

The service, launched on 1 November, has until now allowed travellers booked on long-haul flights to pre-order items through the High Life Shop website or over the phone. The items are then delivered directly to their seats.

The move to include onboard ordering brings the service closer in line with the system successfully implemented by a number of Nordic carriers in recent years, primarily through concessionaire Inflight Service.

Tourvest Key Account Manager for British Airways Clare Sidley told The Moodie Report: “So far we’ve had a really good uptake and positive feedback from both passengers and crew alike. The crew are encouraged and focused on going on to the next phase.”

There pre-order service offers around 450 more items than British Airways’ onboard offer

Orders will still need to be taken at least five days before the return flight and the service will not be available on certain multiple-stop routes. As with regular inflight purchases, crew members will be incentivised to take pre-orders.

NOTE: Look out for a more in-depth look at the implementation of the pre-order service and Tourvest’s plans for the future in this week’s issue of The Moodie Report e-Zine.

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