Brown-Forman rings in the changes for Chambord

US. Brown-Forman Travel Retail has announced two major changes regarding Chambord, the French black raspberry liqueur brand the company purchased several years ago.

Firstly, the iconic orb-shaped bottle has received a considerable makeover, losing much of its “˜bling’ in return for a sleeker, more contemporary appearance [See The Moodie Magnifier below].

In addition, Brown-Forman is introducing the new Chambord Flavored Vodka, designed to compete in the high-end segment and scheduled to be on duty free shelves in January 2011.

Brown-Forman Travel Retail Managing Director Jim Perry explained: “We do not make changes to our iconic brand packages without considerable deliberation. However in this instance we feel we have given Chambord liqueur a much sleeker and appealing contemporary touch that better reflects on its growing popularity as an integral ingredient in premium cocktails as well as a key ingredient in upscale culinary dishes.”

Perry noted that while the Chambord liqueur package has been improved, its contents remain the same.

“Trust me, the Chambord recipe is sacrosanct at Brown-Forman. We still lovingly handcraft it at our Chateau in France’s Loire Valley and continue to select only the finest all natural ingredients for its content,” Perry said.

Addressing the new Chambord Flavored Vodka, Perry cited the popularity of Chambord in high-end and elaborate cocktails, making the evolution to a vodka a logical development.

“Chambord has always been an essential and versatile element of the perfect cocktail. However in recent years there has been a considerable influx of vodka-based cocktails, so extending the brand into the flavoured vodka category was a natural step. Chambord Flavored Vodka is a perfect balance of premium quality French vodka and Chambord’s trademark natural black raspberry flavour,” Perry said.

The new Chambord Flavored Vodka is 75 proof and will mirror its namesake’s package evolution and be presented in the same orb-shaped 750ml bottle.

About Brown-Forman

Brown-Forman is a producer and marketer of fine quality beverage alcohol brands including Jack Daniel’s, Southern Comfort, Finlandia, Canadian Mist, Fetzer, Korbel, Woodford Reserve, Herradura and el Jimador. For more information, visit


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