Choya Gold Edition strikes a rich seam in travel retail channel

Choya, the Japanese liqueur specialist, says it is on a roll with its Choya Gold Edition in both duty free and domestic markets.

In 2015 Choya Gold Edition recorded +45% year-on-year growth in travel retail sales, following +33% growth the previous year.

With growth for the first quarter of 2016 already up +14% on the same period last year, Choya is expecting another strong year for the product.

The super-premium Gold Edition (left) is increasingly prominent instore and at trade exhibitions (right)

Gold Edition is made from 100% Japanese Nanko ume and French brandy, and contains real gold flakes that are suspended inside the 500 ml French-made bottle.

Choya is for many a gift of choice among authentic Japanese products
Seiji Susuki
Senior Manager, Choya
(pictured at the Duty Free Show of the Americas)

Choya Gold Edition is the most luxurious product in the Choya range, and has been popular with Choya aficionados since its launch in 2009.

“There is an ever-growing recognition of Choya among consumers worldwide as the highest-quality brand in the category,” said Choya Senior Manager Seiji Susuki.

“The inbound tourism boom in Japan, and the fact that Choya is for many a gift of choice among authentic Japanese products, further added to the growth of this desired item.”

Thanks to its popularity in travel retail, in 2015 Choya launched Gold Edition in the domestic Japanese market. Sales (in cases) for the first three months of 2016 are already up more than +300% on the same period in 2015.

“We constantly exhibit the product at international travel retail shows to further support the growth,” Susuki commented.

Choya enjoyed its first showing at the Duty Free Show of the Americas in Orlando last week.

About Choya
Based in Osaka, Choya started as a grape grower in 1914. In 1959 Choya began production of Umeshu, the traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. Today Choya is the world’s leading ume liqueur producer. Its mission is to produce and promote the finest Umeshu made from natural ingredients.

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