Cloud SIM app offers an easy way to make and receive calls inflight

CloudSim-iphone-whiteUK. ‘Mobile network in an app’ Cloud SIM is working with airlines and travel agents to extend the availability of its app, which allows users to make and receive calls and messages inflight using airline-provided Wi-Fi.

The app can also be used while travelling abroad and lets users link up to five telephone numbers to their smartphone.

Cloud SIM developers say they are in talks with travel agents across the UK to promote the app as a travel add-on when selling holiday packages.

The app uses VoIP calling technology, but also has a local access option when no Wi-Fi or mobile data allowance is available. This allows calls to be placed through a local number, without using data, Cloud SIM noted. Users can transform their iPad or tablet to allow them to make and receive calls.

Call rates (whether mid-air or abroad) are 1p per minute to UK mobiles and landlines, Cloud SIM said.

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