Commercial performance outstrips traffic growth at Spanish airports group Aena

Passenger traffic at Madrid Barajas Airport climbed by +18.9% to 60.2 million in 2023 (Madrid Duty Free by Avolta pictured)

SPAIN. Airports company Aena posted commercial revenue of €1,552 million in 2023, an increase of +25.2% compared with 2022 and +17.3% above 2019 levels. The performance outstripped passenger growth of +16.2% at Spain’s airports (see below).

Within this, duty free revenue climbed by +23.5% to €411.1 million, food & beverage revenue rose by +33.4% to €325 million and speciality shops income saw a +47.7% rise to €133.8 million.

Gross sales from commercial activities also exceeded 2019. Fixed and variable rent revenue invoiced and collected in the period was +21.8% above 2019 levels.

A snapshot of key Aena figures for 2023; click to enlarge

Sales per passenger were +14% higher than in 2019, a performance “observed across all commercial business lines”.

Group revenue hit €5,141.8 million, up by +21.3% year-on-year, with EBITDA amounting to €3,022.6 million, a rise of +45.4% compared with 2022.

Aena posted record profits of €1,630.8 million, up by +80.9% year-on-year and +13.1% ahead of the 2019 figure.

A breakdown of commercial revenue by channel; click to enlarge

Passenger traffic at Spanish airports climbed by +16.2% year-on-year to 283.2 million, while at group level (including Spain, London Luton and airports in northeast Brazil) the figure was 314.1 million, an increase of +16% compared to a year earlier. Aena Brazil now handles 20% of the country’s passenger traffic.

Minimum Annual Guaranteed rent by commercial channel; click to enlarge

In its results presentation, Aena noted that the car rental contract for the entire network in Spain will be put out to tender in 2024. There will also be tenders for outlets covering around 9% of food & beverage turnover and 13% of speciality shop turnover. ✈

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