Creating ‘paper dreams’: Raffles students create wearable art for DFS

AUSTRALIA. DFS Galleria Sydney has collaborated with Raffles School of Design and Commerce in North Sydney to celebrate the DFS Fall 2013 campaign “˜Asia Unfolds’.

In keeping with the paper craft theme of the campaign, Raffles fashion students have created six modern dress designs using delicate paper engineering.

Each style embraced the themes of Air, Sea and Land, in white with a touch of red.

Students were invited to create wearable art using paper engineering, with six top designs put on display at DFS Galleria in The Rocks, Sydney. Customers, students, teachers, local concierges and travel agents were then invited to vote for their favourites.

The winning entry (right and below top left) was from first-year student Rebecca Deasey from North Ryde, who cited her inspirations as coral, the Barrier Reef and exotic fish.

“Because of their values of creativity, innovation, industry relevance and professional excellence, we at Sydney Galleria chose the Raffles College of Design and Commerce to collaborate with on our Fall 2013 campaign of Asia Unfolds,” said DFS Galleria Sydney General Manager Ted Bagaman.

“The students were really excited to work on this amazing project,” said Raffles Program Director of Fashion Design and Marketing Nick Comino. “It has been a tremendous partnership with DFS Galleria Sydney. Working together has celebrated our mutual focus on design innovation throughout the Asia Pacific region.”

Rebecca Deasey won a luxury designer handbag and iPad cover, courtesy of DFS Sydney Galleria.

“The DFS Sydney Galleria store is very cool,” she said. “I love all the luxury fashion brands and cosmetics over the whole four levels – and the visual merchandising is amazing. There’s nothing else quite like it in the Sydney Central Business District.”

The six designs vividly encapsulate the theme of ‘Asia Unfolds’. Winner Rebecca Deasy’s entry (top left) was inspired by coral, the Barrier Reef and exotic fish

The dresses are now on display at the ground floor area of Raffles College of Design and Commerce, 99 Mount St, North Sydney.

Raffles College specialises in design, visual communication and business. It is part of Raffles Education Corporation, a creative design and business education provider with a network of over 28 colleges across the Asia Pacific region, including locations such as Singapore, China, and Thailand. For more information, visit

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