Davidoff introduces new range of Zino accessories for cigar enthusiasts

Davidoff has extended its Zino Graphic Leaf Humidors collection to include a range of accessories such as lighters, cutters and cases.

The Graphic Leaf range has been designed by Zino Davidoff and is available in bold red, blue, grey and blue colours. It is intended to celebrate the beauty of tobacco leaves.

Davidoff’s Zino Graphic Leaf Collection offers a range of humidors and accessories in four bold colours

Oettinger Davidoff Senior Vice President Global Marketing & Innovation Charles Awad said: “These new Graphic Leaf Collection accessories will draw in a new generation of cigar aficionados, eager to enjoy a cigar whenever they wish. It has been created to suit a busy, modern, global lifestyle.

Davidoff said its new accessories, which include this Zino lighter, offer “superb performance with cutting edge design”

“These accessories boast superb performance with cutting edge design.”

The new Zino lighters are described as efficient and easy to use. Different colours feature on the front and back, and the lighters operate with a blue jet flame. They will not activate upside down and have a window to check gas level. The lighters are ideal for windy conditions, Davidoff said.

The double-bladed cutters are also in different colours front and back. Davidoff said the stainless steel double blades guarantee a precise cut for cigars with a ring gauge of up to 60 RG.

The collection also includes calf leather cases. The adjustable cases are claimed to be ideal for younger cigar enthusiasts who prefer casual clothing and less pockets.

Cellophane cigars will stay humidified for 15 days, Davidoff added.

The Zino Graphic Leaf accessories collection is available worldwide in selected outlets and in Davidoff flagship stores.

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