Delhi International Airport launches India’s first ‘Virtual Shopping Wall’

INDIA. Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) has partnered HomeShop18, India’s leading virtual retailer, to introduce a “˜Virtual Shopping Wall’ called “˜Scan N Shop’ in Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Hailed as a mark of India’s big leap into the world of mobile shopping, the feature offers a new and innovative shopping experience to passengers at the airport’s Terminal 3 Domestic Pier Junction. The terminal handles 45,000 departing passengers daily, each having an average of 60 minutes dwell time before boarding a flight.

Backed by world leading technology, the HomeShop18 Virtual Shopping Wall allows passengers to view products such as consumer electronics, mobile phones, tablets, clothing, accessories, fashion jewellery, and perfumes on dynamic screens. They can then make orders by simply scanning the QR code displayed against each item or over the phone at the call centre.

HomeShop18 has also enabled the convenient cash-on-delivery payment method to drive trials and will follow it up with mobile payments subsequently.

HomeShop18 Founder & CEO Sundeep Malhotra explained: “With the Virtual Shopping Wall, HomeShop18 embarks on the next major journey into mobile-commerce (M-commerce). By bringing M-commerce to India, HomeShop18 is taking the convergence of mobile and retail to a new high. The brand today offers the widest portfolio of products, addressing a wide range of consumer needs. Backed by extensive R&D, HomeShop18 is reinforcing its commitment to innovation in offering the best customer experience.

“The idea behind “˜Scan N Shop’ is to enable tech-savvy, smart-phone and tablet users to experience a smart new way of shopping. In DIAL, we have found a true innovator as a partner. T3 is a marvellous lifestyle destination and “˜Scan N Shop’ couldn’t have found a better location.”

HomeShop18 Founder & CEO Sundeep Malhotra: “The idea behind “˜Scan N Shop’ is to enable tech-savvy, smart-phone and tablet users to experience a smart new way of shopping”

Malhotra continued: “This new mobile shopping format is consistent with our legacy as the virtual retail pioneer in India. We are glad to introduce such evolved technology leading shopping experience to consumers in India. HomeShop18 has deployed truly unique technology to present customers a dynamic shopping environment, where the products offered are refreshed remotely on the basis of stock availability, performance and host of other dynamic factors. In many ways, Scan N Shop is India’s big bang dive into the world of mobile shopping.”

Speaking about this innovative product, DIAL Chief Executive Prabhakara Rao said: “At Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport our endeavour is to partner with the best brands, and to offer a wide range of products and a great experience to all the travellers.

“The proposed Virtual Shopping Wall is an addition to an eclectic list of innovations that Delhi Airport already hosts. Indira Gandhi International Airport is now a preferred destination in India amongst brands for various innovations and unique offerings such as experience zones, brand lounges, snooze pods and India’s largest digital exposure amongst others.

“HomeShop18 is an apt choice for this activation because of their popularity and expertise in virtual shopping in India. With Scan N Shop we continue our ongoing journey to provide world class experiences here at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.”

About HomeShop 18

Established in 2011, has emerged as one of the largest e-commerce companies in India with a monthly reach of over 4.13 million unique visitors (ComScore Data, November 2012), a +81% increase year on year.

As a pioneering player in the space, HomeShop18 claims to have changed the way Indians shop by launching India’s first 24-hour Home Shopping TV channel in 2008. Today, HomeShop18 reaches a customer base of over 100 million consumers and over 20 million households in a week, with a portfolio of over 12 million products across multiple categories and a logistical reach of over 3000 locations across India.


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