Disaronno creates fashion conscious Roberto Cavalli campaign at JFK

Illva Saronno and International Shoppes have created a visual campaign at JFK Terminal 1 to promote the new limited-edition Disaronno wears Roberto Cavalli bottle.

Running throughout November and December, the promotion features a 10.2-metre-wide x 2.7-metre-high wall-space which displays the animal print Disaronno bottle. The promotion also allows passengers to view the bottle and taste the product before entering the duty free store.

The limited-edition Cavalli bottle launched in multiple duty free outlets throughout the USA in October and follows the limited-edition Moschino and Versace bottles.

JFK wears Cavalli: the display space will feature the limited edition Disaronno bottle until the end of December

Illva Saronno Global Travel Retail Director Martin Howey said: “Initial response to the new bottle has been extremely good and activations such as at JFK T1 are excellent in bringing the new bottle to the attention of consumers. The Disaronno limited edition bottles are perfect for travel retail, offering passengers the chance to purchase a brand that is globally known and loved in a unique and beautiful presentation. While not exclusive to travel retail, its limited availability means that many passengers will not have seen the bottle elsewhere.”

Howey added: “Investing in wall advertising and tasting activations such as this is critical to building awareness of Disaronno wears Roberto Cavalli. We’re very grateful to our retail partners for giving us this fantastic space during two key months in the US, covering both Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

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