Ella Morissa unveils new Pied de Poule collection in Cannes

Swiss premium fashion jewellery company Ella Morissa highlighted its new Pied de Poule collection, featuring the classic houndstooth design, at the TFWA World Exhibition last month.

First previewed at the TFWA Asia Pacific in Singapore in May, the collection has since been expanded to include a wider range of items. It now consists of earrings, necklaces, pendants, charm bracelets, watches, scarves and other crystal-set pieces. The fashion jewellery range is nickel-free and rhodium-plated in both gold and silver.

Ella Morissa has expanded its new Pied de Poule collection featuring the classic houndstooth design

(Left) A larger-than-life sized display stand modeled after Ella Morissa’s bestselling Magic Box, seen in Cannes;
(Right) The company also introduced a new stand specially created to display ten Magic Boxes

Ella Morissa’s initials, EM, have been incorporated into the black and white houndstooth design to form a classic monogram print. This pattern is featured on both the jewellery pieces and the packaging.

The collection, which received positive feedback at the Singapore show, is also available as gift sets that can be customised according to buyer specifications.

Ella Morissa also presented a new round box gift set with four compartments – visible through a clear window display at the top – and an additional secret drawer.

Also new is a display stand specially created for the company’s bestselling Magic Box, a 360-degree revolving cylindrical box which cleverly opens out to reveal the items inside.

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