Givenchy prepares for key second-half introductions – 03/07/08

The original Pi men’s fragrance

FRANCE. Parfums Givenchy is gearing up for a busy second half, thanks to a number of major launches within fragrance, make-up and skincare.

For men, the main introduction – due in September/October – is the fragrance Pi Neo, a follow-up to the original Pi which was launched in 1998.

The scent was inspired by The Matrix film, which starred Keanu Reeves as a character called Neo. Accordingly, the fragrance concept is modern, hi-tech and futuristic. It is designed to evoke a “fourth dimension”, said Givenchy, subverting the notions of time, space and matter.

The juice is a dual, hi-tech/natural blend. It is presented in a pyramid-esque flacon designed by Serge Mansau, topped with the signature “cyberman-style” cap of the original. The outer carton features an optical illusion 3-D effect.

For women, Givenchy will revisit its Irresistible franchise in November, with the introduction of Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy. “This will once again feature company muse Liv Tyler as the face,” Field Marketing Manager Céline Heuga told The Moodie Report.

She described the new fragrance as more glamorous and higher-end than its predecessors. “It incorporates more couture elements,” she noted, “and will revamp the fragrance franchise.”

Absolutely Irresistible Givenchy incorporates a new juice, featuring rose, jasmine, red fruits, pepper and patchouli. The colour-scheme is a colourful, sexy red.

Jet-set make-up from Givenchy’s summer 2008 make-up collection

Meanwhile, within make-up Givenchy is looking to shake up the mascara market with the September/October introduction of Phenomen’Eyes. “Mascara is a growing segment for Givenchy, and this latest product features real innovation in terms of both the brush and the formula,” Heuga explained.

Unlike traditional mascara wands, The Phenomen’Eyes brush is spherical. “This means that you can use it in all directions, to coat all shapes and lengths of lashes,” Heuga noted. The formula itself contains a high proportion of fluid wax, a modelling polymer, and panthenol.

Regarding seasonal make-up collections, Givenchy offers four per year, namely spring/summer, summer, autumn/winter and Christmas.

Summer 2008 products are decorated with the names of glamorous locations such as Paris, Cannes, Monaco and New York. The theme for Christmas this year is Fireworks; the star product is an item called Poudre du Soir (Evening Powder).

Lastly, within skincare, Givenchy will introduce a major new anti-ageing treatment called Le Soin Noir, in the second half. “As its name suggests, this is black in colour thanks to the black algae in the formula,” Heuga explained, “although of course it doesn’t stay black once applied to the skin.”

The algae was chosen thanks to its ability to survive in hostile environments. It contains a molecule that is said to help cells connect and communicate with each other.

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