Glenfiddich writes history with new release finished in red wine casks

The new addition to Glenfiddich’s “˜Age of Discovery’ range marks the first time in the brand’s history that whisky has been finished in red wine casks.

Glenfiddich Red Wine Cask Finish – presented in our Moodie Magnifier below – is available exclusively to travel retail (apart from the Glenfiddich distillery shop).

Described as adventurous and “bursting with flavour”, the whisky, matured for at least 19 years, has been finished in casks which previously housed South American red wines.

The third whisky in the “˜Age of Discovery’ range, which includes the Glenfiddich Madeira Cask Finish and Bourbon Cask Reserve, the newcomer takes its influence from Charles Darwin’s voyage along the South American coastline on board the HMS Beagle during the 1830’s.

The new addition to the “˜Age of Discovery’ range marks the first time in Glenfiddich’s history that whisky has been finished in red wine casks

Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman commented: “Inspired by Darwin’s famous voyage, this extraordinarily rich single malt Scotch whisky is finished in oak casks previously used to produce the smooth complex wines of South America. After years of maturation, Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have combined with the oak to deliver exceptional smoothness, complemented by warm spicy notes with sweet berry flavours lending a velvety sweetness.

“I have married together some of our most exciting whiskies to create this exclusive new whisky which truly celebrates and reflects pioneering spirit,” he said.

The “˜Age of Discovery’ Red Wine Cask Finish (40%abv) comes in a red box; its 70cl black glass bottle is embellished with a red cartouche compass and its packaging features illustrations that map the route of Charles Darwin’s journey.

Tasting notes:
Nose – toasted marshmallow, red berry and vanilla oak tannin, ripe fruits and a hint of woody spice.
Taste – spicy notes on first taste, deep and smooth, with rich oak notes and berry sweetness.
Finish – Described by the brand as sweet with a long lingering tannin.

The “˜Age of Discovery’ range celebrates the journeys of the most determined pioneers. The “˜Age of Discovery’ Madeira Cask Finish, released in 2011, is inspired by the passage of the 15th century Portuguese explorers who discovered Macau and Madeira. It was followed by the “˜Age of Discovery’ Bourbon Cask Reserve in 2012, marking journeys taken along the Mississippi in the deep American South in the 19th century.

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