GVK Lounge at Mumbai International T2 takes major travel award

INDIA. The GVK Lounge at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 was named the “˜World’s Leading Airport Lounge – First Class 2015′ at the recent World Travel Awards in Morocco.

The lounge, operated by Travel Food Services (TFS) and Performa, qualified for nomination in the world category after being named “˜Asia’s Leading Airport Lounge’ at the World Travel Awards – Asia and Australasia in Hong Kong in October.

First class experience: The GVK Lounge at Mumbai T2

Mumbai International Airport Managing Director G V Sanjay Reddy said: “The GVK Lounge blends the finest of Indian hospitality with luxurious, world-class design and amenities. It embodies our commitment to delight our guests and provide them with every comfort during their stay at the airport.

“We are setting new global benchmarks in hospitality within airports and we will keep raising the bar in the years to come. Our efforts should guide us towards a time in near future when passengers will look at the airport not merely as a stop, but as a destination in itself.”

The Moodie Blog
From a Mumbai masterpiece to a Bahamian rhapsody
Then there’s the cuisine: a classic Khandvi platter with more twists than Elvis Presley in his prime; pan fried Kerala Queen scallops (I can still taste the subtle spice of the coconut, tomato and coriander flavours); Lamb Purdah Biryani and much, much more.

TFS Chief Operating Officer Gaurav Dewan commented: “The GVK Lounge was designed to offer essential facilities with a lavish touch – a restful, luxurious experience that would help passengers unwind from travel-induced stress.

“It is the perfect gateway where they can engage in work or indulge in culture, cuisine or pleasure, as their disposition may be. The World Travel Awards are regarded as the Oscars of the tourism industry and we could not have hoped for a better endorsement of our efforts and services.”

Performa Managing Director Beat Ehlers said: “We are elated at being recognised for the unrivalled premium customer experience we have created by working with our partners GVK and TFS. The GVK Lounge concept is based on personal interaction, warmth and deep understanding of the mind-set of our guests. The award is a toast to the success of the ideas and insights that went into making the lounge.”

The Moodie Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie praised the lounge in his influential travel Blog in January this year (click on Blog icon for full story).

The experience at the exclusive First Class section is said to be akin to a five star hotel with personalised service, based on maximum comfort, and providing the highest level of attention without compromising privacy. Amenities include à la carte dining, individual spa treatments, relaxation rooms, shower facilities and concierge services.

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