Habanos unveils aged cigars from Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo

Habanos has launched its new, limited-edition Añejados line across several cigar brands. It will be available globally in the first quarter of 2015.

The line comprises Romeo y Julieta Pirámides Añejados (ring gauge 52 x 156mm in length) and Montecristo Churchills Añejados (ring gauge 47 x 178mm in length) vitolas that are aged in Cuba for a minimum of five years. The preservation conditions are said to enable the cigars to gain shades and complexity without losing their initial organoleptic characteristics.

Romeo y Julieta Pirámides and Montecristo Churchills Añejados provide a mellow and woody taste on the palate, said Habanos.

The cigars are presented in labelled boxes, with a double ring, and feature a vitolina describing the concept. The bottom of the box features the date when the cigars were made and a stamp saying “˜Revisado’ (checked), meaning that all the boxes have been opened and the cigars inside checked.

Stamp of approval: each cigar in the box is checked for quality
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