Harley-Davidson motorbikes roar into Zürich Airport

SWITZERLAND. Zürich Airport is staging a lifestyle promotion for Harley-Davidson, the cult motorcycle brand from Milwaukee.

The exhibition is taking place in the no-parking zone in the middle of the Airport Center from 24 June to 7 August 2011.

The airport’s commercial team, Patrick Graf and Maria Porsche, explained the exhibition “is not just a promotional exercise. The reason lies in the brand itself, as Harley-Davidson is more than just a motorbike – and thus has much more to offer.”

The pair said they decided to create an exciting and attractive ambience in the airport for both passengers and shoppers, taking inspiration from Willie G. Davidson, the grandson of the company’s founder, who sums it up as: “We sell a lifestyle, the motorbike comes free.”

The exhibition is arranged around the three pillars on which this lifestyle is based: firstly, Harley-Davidson’s history, which dates back more than a century; the strong sense of identity and community among its customers; and the powerful machines themselves, the two-cylinder driving force behind the “made in the USA” dream.

Harley models on show at Zürich Airport

The motorbikes are the stars of the exhibition, says Graf. The ten new Harley-Davidsons on display include a Night Rod Special, featuring a long chassis and wide back wheels, and a Sportster Super Low, with its low saddle.

In addition, accessories and clothing form part of the exhibition, with display cases and mannequins showcasing the best products from the Harley-Davidson catalogue.

Exhibition tells the brand story

The airport exhibition also tells the story of Harley-Davidson. Ten panels display images and text from Harley-Davidson’s history: how it all began in 1903 in a shed in Milwaukee and how the company has grown; and why thousands of Harley fans meet up every year to enjoy the community spirit.

“Even if there is no Harley-Davidson store at Zürich Airport and the models and accessories aren’t sold here, the great fascination and interest of all visitors can be easily perceived,” enthuses Graf.

“Passengers as well as visitors or shoppers stop and take the time to read about the history, have a closer look at the models or even take pictures to keep this great impression.”

You can see passengers taking pictures of the bikes in the picture slideshow above.

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