Henri Wintermans to showcase new pack at Cannes – 27/08/2004

Henri Wintermans' new packaging to be unveiled at Cannes
Dedicated to travel retail: Henri Wintermans Cigars is showing its revamped Half Corona 50’s packaging in Cannes.

NETHERLANDS. Henri Wintermans cigars is unveiling revamped packaging for its popular Half Corona 50’s in travel retail.

The company said this initiative is part of its dedicated approach towards the travel retail channel.

The move follows the relaunch of the Henri Wintermans brand range as Henri Wintermans Founder’s Blend earlier this year.

The new pack will be introduced to the trade at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes this October.

Because of increasing restrictions on tobacco promotions and advertising, the Dutch tobacco supplier said it is treating its brand’s packaging as “a key marketing tool” to push its products more effectively.

Area Marketing Manager Travel Retail Erwin Broeren said: “For the past few years Half Corona has been – and still is – the key brand variant in the travel retail corona cigar segment. The standard packaging of the Henri Wintermans Founder’s Blend variant is a 25’s drum and a 25’s pack, consisting of five packs of five cigars.

“Previously, the 50’s pack was a cellophaned bundle of two 25’s packs. The renewed pack, with its striking red colour and attractive new design, appeals to consumers and stands out on the cigar shelf. The volume pack aims for consumers’ self-consumption, but at the same time targets gift-related consumer purchases.”

The back of the pack honours company founder, Henri Wintermans, who started making cigars a hundred years ago, by means of various quotes and images on a tobacco leaf background.

Broeren added: “Selected operators – RMO accounts, but also key accounts in travel retail – offer consumers both the 25’s and the 50’s pack sizes, as a 50’s pack can retail at a reduced price over twice a 25’s pack. For these customers the pack will replace the previous combination pack of two times a 25’s pack. The cigar quantity is in accordance with customs allowances and – of course – will be made available with health warnings in the required language(s).:



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