Hudson Group reveals new bookstore concept amid openings at Tucson International

USA. Leading North American travel retailer Hudson Group has announced the official opening of three new stores and three kiosks at Tucson International Airport. They include new bookstore concept Ink by Hudson, Tech on the Go (tech speciality retail) and Hudson (travel essentials). The Dufry-owned retailer partnered with Poravion, LLC and Cambios y Servicios Inc. to launch the new stores and kiosks, which consist of over 6,000sq ft of space.

“One of our goals at Tucson International Airport is to provide our passengers with a unique blend of local retail experiences alongside those items travellers expect to find and we are pleased with how Hudson Group has partnered with us to deliver on that goal,” said Bonnie Allin, President and CEO of the Tucson Airport Authority, in a statement. “Tucson is home to the third largest book festival in the United States, The Tucson Festival of Books. We are especially excited that Hudson Group has featured Tucson’s Festival in its newest book store concept Ink at Tucson International Airport.”

Ink by Hudson: A new retail solution for the books business

Ink by Hudson offers bestsellers, classics, small press titles as well as popular local books. In addition, featured items include non-book products, such as toys, stationary, fashion, artwork, travel essentials and more. Its Sense of Place design highlights weathered wood beams and Southwest imagery. The unit is located in 1,000sq ft in Concourse B.

In an area dubbed as Mission Market at Concourse B includes the three kiosks. Totaling 600sq ft, they consist of travel retail branded concepts Belkin (electronics); Sunglass Icon (sunglasses) and Spirit (Native American and Western speciality store).

Also on Concourse B, Hudson Ft. Lowell is a travel essentials store—a spin off the classic Hudson News brand. At 2,000sq ft, it features similar offers to Hudson stores such as snacks and drinks, books and magazines, along with local souvenirs and electronics. Further appealing to the local theme, it also has a big Arizona Sports shop-in-shop with the likes of logoed apparel and memorabilia.

The Ink by Hudson store carries local style in its design

Hudson Gates Pass is a travel essentials and convenience stores located in 2,529sq ft on Concourse A. It includes a Tech on the Go electronics specialty shop-in-shop, a Destinations regional gifts and souvenirs area, and grab-and-go salads and sandwiches.

“Hudson Group is thrilled to partner with Tucson International Airport to bring our iconic retail concepts to life, offering Tucsonans broader shopping options than ever before,” said Joseph DiDomizio, President & CEO of Hudson Group and Division CEO North America of Dufry, in a statement. “As the Traveler’s Best Friend, we are especially proud to announce Ink by Hudson, our newest bookselling concept.”

*Daniel Vahab is North American Bureau Chief for The Moodie Davitt Report. He can be contacted at

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