Kreol Travel Retail launches travel retail exclusive brand Nadir

Dubai-based Kreol Travel Retail has developed a premium brand of Turkish delight under the Nadir name. Nadir is a travel retail exclusive line, which Kreol Travel Retail aims to take around the world.

Nadir is already available at Qatar Duty Free and has recently been listed with Dufry Sharjah, as it expands initially in the Middle East before expanding worldwide.

Nadir has entered travel retail as a channel exclusive, as Kreol expands its product portfolio

Recently appointed Executive Director Kreol Arakulath said: “Our goal with Nadir was to design a product premium enough to confidently sit in the gourmet category while having a taste everyone can appreciate.”

Also known as lokum, Turkish delight gel-based sweets are traditionally served with tea or coffee after every meal.

Kreol Arakulath: A new approach to “the gourmet category”

The company noted: “The succulent cubes have grown to become a coveted delicacy among travellers from all around the world. Our vision was to put a gourmet spin on this household sweet. To do this, extensive research was carried out to create recipes that captured the classic taste of Turkish delight while adding premium ingredients to create our own unique combinations.”

Variants include Nadir’s ‘Sultan’ flavour with pistachio covered in coconut, which is said to be based on a recipe made for Ottoman emperors. ‘Safaranbolu’, a hazelnut covered with coconut, is named after a town in Northern Turkey. The other two varieties are pistachio covered in sesame and an almond and hazelnut mix covered in coconut.

The company added: “The four flavours all heralded satisfactory verdicts from the experienced taste-testing panels.”

Flavours include pistachio, hazelnut, coconut and almond


Kreol Travel Retail said that it placed much emphasis on packaging. It said: “Packaging can be a make-or-break factor, especially in confectionery. There must be a balance between preserving the quality and original taste of the product, durability to withstand being tossed about in transportation, and being visually attractive enough to stand out.

“In the travel retail world, there are even more variables because consumers can be divided into segments. One is those who are buying the product as a gift, and brands tailor their packaging to cater to making the gift-giving experience more memorable. Another segment is those travellers looking for a regional souvenir. In such cases, the value added in the packaging consists of a cultural element distinct to the country, which is translated into the product’s appearance. A third segment is those simply looking to grab a bite to eat on the plane. Some may even be parents looking for a fun treat for their children. Either way, for this segment, the packaging should present itself as conveniently accessible in an inflight environment.”

Kreol Group has businesses ranging from fashion and lifestyle to food manufacturing to distribution and logistics, as well as duty free retailing

Kreol Travel Retail is a family-owned SME business based in the United Arab Emirates. It is a division of Kreol Group, a group of companies that has interests in a variety of fields ranging from fashion and lifestyle to food manufacturing to distribution and logistics. The group headquarters is located in Dubai Investment Park, located in the south of Dubai and connected to all of Dubai’s key business districts.

Kreol Group Founder AS Lal said: “Our experience started in 2002, when I made my first joint venture in India with Alpha Retail UK. This fantastic experience would develop into a partnership with Aldeasa, World Duty Free, and now Dufry. Working with Dufry has been a completely new experience. I am thrilled to be a partner of the largest duty free operator. This journey has given me a thorough insight into how an operator functions and how to tailor our distribution to their requirements.”

On the wider market, he added: “Looking forward, there appears much reason for to be optimistic about global growth. Travel retail was valued at US$64 billion in 2014 and is projected to reach US$85 billion by 2020. Some of the accelerators behind this growth are more affordable travel options and the emerging middle classes in developing markets. Whether their consumption habits will steer travel retail away from the premium niches that dominate towards a broader range of needs is yet to be seen.”

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