KT&G launches first-ever superslim cigarette with capsule technology

South Korean tobacco products company KT&G has launched what it claims to be the world’s first superslim capsule cigarette, which was presented at the TFWA World Exhibition in October.

Called ESSE Change, the latest addition to the company’s flagship ESSE superslim cigarette range features a flavour capsule embedded in the cigarette’s filter. When crushed, it adds a burst of apple mint flavour to the smoking experience, effectively giving consumers two taste options.

Speaking to The Moodie Report in Cannes, KT&G Overseas Brand Dept/Manager Choi Jihyun said that the company recently started manufacturing its own capsules, allowing it to produce capsules in different sizes and flavours.

“It was very difficult to put a capsule in a cigarette of this size because it is so thin,” she said, adding that KT&G had previously developed capsule cigarettes only in king size.

ESSE Change contains a flavour capsule which delivers a burst of apple mint when crushedChoi believes that ESSE Change will satisfy the needs of female smokers, the company’s main customer market for superslims, as they are usually “more likely to try menthol or flavoured cigarettes”. The new product contains 1.0mg of tar and 0.1mg of nicotine.

Since taking capsule production in-house, the company has concocted over 200 flavours, including a Bubble Mint flavour which has been very popular with female smokers in Korea, Choi revealed.

Besides ESSE Change, the Cannes show also saw the launch of a new limited edition from its Tonino Lamborghini cigarette brand, first unveiled in travel retail at the TFWA World Exhibition last year. As reported, KT&G signed a deal with the Italian merchandising brand in a bid to leverage its masculine global appeal to target more male smokers.

The newly launched Tonino Lamborghini Crispy Special comes in an intriguing wafer flavour and a tube filter, which Choi said prevents smokers from coming in direct contact with the nicotine and other chemicals and is thus “more hygienic and clean”. The new product contains 5.0mg of tar and 0.5mg of nicotine.

With a goal to become the number one premium brand in the high tar regular segment market, Tonino Lamborghini will maintain a marketing strategy of high price positioning, a differentiated product line-up and more brand-focused storytelling.

The new wafer-flavoured Tonino Lamborghini Crispy Special features a tube filter

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