La Prairie reveals White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire with compelling dance collaboration

When light meets water: The White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire was inspired by the water on the lake at Montreux, Switzerland 
La Prairie commissioned Wen-Chi Su to create a dance performance called ‘Moving Towards the Horizon’ inspired by the new expression

Swiss luxury skincare house La Prairie has partnered with Taiwanese new media artist, choreographer and dancer Wen-Chi Su to celebrate the launch of the White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire.

The White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire was inspired by the light on the lake of Montreux, where the brand originated. It is the latest addition to the White Caviar line.

The range is centred on the Equation of Light, a formula created by La Prairie scientists in 2019 that explores how water influences light’s reflection on the skin.

The White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire addresses The Equation of Light in three ways: by boosting water and skin hydration, plumping the skin with collagen-enhancing ingredients and exfoliating impurities.

In addition, the essence has been infused with Lumidose, the most potent inhibitor of human tyrosinase, which is the enzyme responsible for melanin.

La Prairie’s patented Lumidose molecule fades age spots and works as a powerful illuminating active ingredient. It was discovered after 15 years of ingredient research, covering over 50,000 ingredients. This marks the first time that Lumidose has been encapsulated, a milestone achieved through La Prairie’s double-encapsulation system.

The Equation of Light was developed by La Prairie researchers in 2019. It is based on the proposition that skin luminosity is a function of colour and reflection.

The Essence Extraordinaire’s signature ingredient is the Swiss Caviar Golden Extract, which supports natural collagen production to plump and firm the skin. It also contains Swiss Golden Caviar Water and La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex.

The White Caviar Essence Extraordinaire is housed in an elegant glass vessel with an innovative bottle-within-a-bottle design that protects the formula’s integrity.

In addition to the Essence Extraordinaire, the White Caviar line comprises the Illuminating Pearl Infusion, White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire and White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire.

The Dance of Light and Water

Water flow: Wen-Chi Su draws on the fluidity of water for her moving dance performance at Miami Art Basel

Wen-Chi Su created ‘Moving Towards the Horizon’, a feminine art performance that brings the convergence of light and water to life. The dance performance expresses femininity, fluidity and lightness. Her movements were choreographed to express the light glittering across various Swiss lakes and mimic the flow of water.

The partnership with Wen-Chi Su marks La Prairie’s first foray into the world of performance art. It underscores La Prairie’s commitment to supporting female artists from different cultures and practices and La Prairie’s core values of art and science.

Science and art converge: The partnership with Wen-Chi Su marks La Prairie’s first dance collaboration

“Since the inception of La Prairie, contemporary art, through a plethora of genres, cultures and profiles, has been an elevated prism in which to tell our story,” commented La Prairie Global Chief Marketing Officer Greg Prodromides. “This latest collaboration with Wen-Chi Su was a natural and authentic one.

“Not only does she connect intimately with our mission to push the boundaries of science and technology, but she also brings through the medium of dance a rich, wholly new perspective to our House. Her mesmerising performance beautifully and simultaneously articulates the science of movement and the concept of time through the prism of the beautiful natural elements found in Switzerland.”

Wen-Chi Su’s performance was exclusively debuted at Miami Art Basel in December 2021. She performed her piece at the Miami Oceanfront during sunrise and sunset.

Commenting on her performance, Su said: “For this dance, I am much slower than normal. Water naturally flows fast but it is good to slow it down to experience the shape of each minute, each second. This gaze of slowness, a time freeze, is an opportunity for us humans to be reflective.”

For Su, dance is an art form that relies on science and precision. Her piece is a metaphor for light and water and ties in with La Prairie’s own Swiss values. “I thought about time a lot in this piece,” she added. “The body is never still or unchanged. It is constantly moving, changing, flowing like water in the direction of somewhere. In the live performance we say time is ephemeral.”

As previously reported, La Prairie has consistently maintained the pursuit of what it dubs ‘Timeless Beauty’. That pursuit is based on a mission to preserve and promote culture and science through a singular vision of beauty – and, critically, through the prism of Switzerland. That pursuit continues today through its many connections with the world of art, including this project.

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