Leapfrog and SSP debut kids’ play area at Manchester – 02/09/09

UK. Young travellers are taking advantage of a world-first interactive play area in Manchester Airport, thanks to SSP UK and leading children’s toy designer, Leapfrog.

The new area, located within Terminal 1’s Real Food Company, is designed to help educate and entertain youngsters waiting for their flight. Making its debut in Manchester, it is the very first interactive Leapfrog play area in any airport in the world.

Sarah Barrett, Head of Customer Experience Manchester Airport said: “It is great that Leapfrog decided to launch their only interactive play area at Manchester. It is set to be very popular with our younger passengers… We aim to make every customer’s journey an easy one and if their children are kept occupied in a fun and educational way it eases the stress for their parents.

“We know that keeping children engaged is of importance to our passengers so as part of our commitment to meeting our customers needs we will also be opening a play area in Terminal 2.”

Specialising in educational games, Leapfrog toys are created with childhood development in mind, and aim to make learning as much fun as possible. For example, the “˜Zippity’ dance game is all about co-ordination, movement, colours and word association disguised as a “˜dance-along’ with Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

The “˜Tag’ books introduce reading to kids with an innovative twist. Accompanied by a magic pen that talks, children embark upon a storybook journey with Scooby-Doo and chums with puzzles and games to play along the way.

A Leapster learning console is also available; all have been expertly fitted in a specially designed play area by Octopos and Boston Interiors.

“Expanding into airports, particularly Manchester, is a very exciting opportunity for Leapfrog,” noted Andrew Fogarty, Leapfrog Trade Marketing Manager. “The actual area is very well suited to a travel environment and the games will certainly occupy the young and the young at heart. We look forward to its success and the chance to reach a wider audience.”

Manchester Airport was chosen for the trial and if the area proves a success, it will be rolled out nationwide. “Our aim is make everyone’s airport experience a pleasant one,” said SSP UK Operations Manager Rob Allen. “If the little ones are happy, Mum and Dad are happy and then so are we.”


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