Luxottica masks its conventional side – 09/10/06

D&G model DG8081
D&G model DG6023
D&G model DG8018
D&G model DG3009

ITALY. Luxottica has launched the new 2006/2007 collections for the Italian fashion houses D&G and Prada.

The D&G models are said to combine quality materials with originality of line and details inspired by D&€™s “anti-conventional creativity”.

The Prada collection aims to unite the a person’s active side and leisure side, said the company. Details inspired by the world of sport are incorporated into everyday eyewear.

D&G 2006/2007 collection

The women’s models flaunt big shapes and wraparound masks in plastic or metal, equally suitable for wear in town or on the ski slope. Men’s models offer pilot-style metal frames as well as versions in plastic, for a sportier look.

The D&G logo has had a stylistic makeover with italic lettering. Decorative touches inspired by the themes of the D&G clothing collections enhance the eyewear.

D&G 8021B – Women: The plastic mask is described as a high-impact, face-hugging shape is personalised by metal arms decorated with the D&G logo in rhinestone-highlighted italic lettering. The colour palette spans black, white, pale and dark brown as well as bright red and purple.

D&G 8015 – Men: This plastic model with a flat front features a laser-engraved anchor decoration on the forward part of the nose, reflecting the D&G Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 collection inspired by the ships that ply the northern seas. An inset D&G logo is located on the arms. Colours range from black and brown, complemented by shades inspired by the world of ships: navy blue, white and red.

D&G 6023 – Men: The mask features a double profile on the rings, creating a decorative element that continues onto the nose zone to form a double bridge. The lenses curve slightly in a style that recalls a smaller version of the pilot format, but with flaring in the upper corners. Slim metal arms bear an italic D&G logo. The galvanic-finish lug is in a contrast colour that sets it off against the frame. Available in black, gunmetal, navy blue, white, brown, silver, bronze and red.

D&G 8018 – Women: A women’s model inspired by the 1970s. The face-hugging shape and broad styling are rounded softly at the corners, giving a sporty look with a hint of glamour, according to Luxottica. The arms are personalised by an italic D&G logo with silver or gold metal trim. Colours feature black, white, brown, wine, pink and mustard.

D&G 3009 – Women/Men: A plastic model with wrap-around lines specially designed for young wearers. The key feature is personalisation with the D&G logo, which continues over the entire arm to give a sporty look.

Overlaid plastic strips in different colours – black on white, black on red, brown on blue, pink and green – bring out the contrast, allowing the logo to stand out and giving this model its unisex appeal.

Prada model SPS07G
Prada model SPS10G
Prada model SPS51G
Prada model SPS56G

Prada 2006/2007 collection

Prada’s new eyewear includes models made from innovative materials. Following the spirit of Prada’s clothing line for Summer 2007, the sunglasses aim to unite the a person’s active side and leisure side. Details inspired by the world of sport complement the sober look of the fashion collection.

SPS04G: Drop-shape design with a central bar, the sides of the glasses are characterised by elegant facets. Available in shaded and full lenses, in black, mulberry and military green.
SPS05G: Shaped like a rectangular eye mask, the glasses are enhanced by a metal border that flows into Prada’s Linea Rossa logo. The nose bridge is made out of rubber, ensuring comfort and stability for an active lifestyle.

SPS07G: Wrap-around sunglasses featuring a geometric design at the side of the lenses. The structure, internally superimposed in rubber and upper air flaps, make the model light and technical. The Linea Rossa logo is prominent.

SPS09G: New drop-shape model, with a high beam and large shades and faceted sides injected in ‘grylamid’. Among the rich colours are black and stone, blue metallic and military green tones, and the latest opaline and aluminium.

SPS10G: Elegance and attention to detail merge for maximum comfort. The drop-shaped wraparound eye mask is made from injected grylamid and incorporated with a fused metal sheet.

SPS11G: The lower reaches and nose-guard are in rubber, ensuring a perfect fit. This light wraparound eye-mask is extra large. Available in classic black, stone and military green as well as the latest luminous opaline and aluminium.
SPS50G: Model made from two different materials, said to be ideal for practising sport: a bar in flexible metal keeps the all-in-one lens suspended. The stem, in plastic for maximum comfort, guarantees exceptional steadiness thanks to the self-stabilising, rubberised lower reaches of the glasses.

SPS51G: The all-in-one lens with adjustable nose-guard is broad and rectangular and fixed to the sides with bridged metal screws that are frontally visible.

SPS56G: Broad, rectangular laminated sunglasses, available in different tones: from full colour lenses to shades of black, mulberry and military green. The classic plastic stems, fixed with visible hexagonal metal screws and adjustable nose-guard, are claimed to guarantee comfort and performance.

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