Macduff to reveal revamped Islay Mist at Cannes

Macduff International will reveal the new-look bottle of its Islay Mist blended Scotch whisky at the TFWA World Exhibition (Green Village, L64).

According to Macduff, the flint bottle is heavier, with “more masculine broad shoulders”. The word Islay is embossed on the front shoulder, with a map of Islay to underline the brand’s connection with the island. The seal of The Lord of the Isles, already embossed on the back of the bottle, is repeated as part of the main label.

Two front labels are designed to underline the whisky’s belonging to Islay, as well as smoke and premiumness, Macduff said. Charcoal and pencil drawings by artist John Fleming show views from Laphroaig Distillery where this whisky was born. According to the company, black and grey tones reflect the brand’s core peatiness.

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The claim that Islay Mist is the only blended whisky to incorporate the name of the island in its name stems from the Scotch Whisky Association.

By definition a blended whisky is a blend of different whiskies and as such cannot be located to a single geographical spot.

However, Islay Mist was created in 1927 on Islay and given its name then. Because of its history and provenance, Islay Mist has been allowed to keep its original name.

Macduff International Sales Director John Scott said: “Year after year Islay Mist receives gold medals for its flavour, but we felt the packaging did not live up to the precious liquid inside.

“Being a whisky that wins its fair share of gold medals at blind nosing and tasting competitions every year we feel the new packaging enables Islay Mist to bridge the gap between blended whisky drinkers and malt whisky drinkers.

“Having asked consumers, we know we have achieved what we set out to do, readying Islay Mist to go to the next level,” Macduff concluded.


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