Maxxium opens dedicated Courvoisier store at Munich Airport

GERMANY. Maxxium Travel Retail has partnered with retailer Eurotrade to open a dedicated Courvoisier store at Munich International Airport, showcasing its travel retail exclusive range Le Voyage de Napoleon.

Open until the end of July, the store immerses visitors in the ‘alchemy and heritage’ of Courvoisier. Passengers can sample Cognacs straight from the cask, while aromas of crème brûlée, candied orange and iris flowers – all key notes of Courvoisier XO – are emitted around the store.

The store also includes a display of tools used in the production process and bottles of eaux-de-vie illustrate the craftsmanship of the Cognac house. And an in-store video takes consumers through the history of Courvoisier.

Visitors to the store can try Cognacs straight from the cask

In addition to Le Voyage de Napoleon collection, Maxxium is also showcasing two other marques from its range – L’Initiale de Courvoisier and L’Essence de Courvoisier – in the store.

As reported, the range itself was launched earlier this year into travel retail outlets across Europe, Dubai and North America. It is comprised of VS, VSOP and XO Cognacs.

Maxxium Travel Retail Managing Director Glen Williams said: “Germany is a key market for Cognac and as one of the busiest airports in the world, Munich is the perfect location to reach a global audience. The experiential nature of the shop engages consumers by tapping into their senses and allows them to experience the exclusive Courvoisier range in a completely unique and innovative way.”

The heritage of the brand is at the heart of the new store

“The Courvoisier event shop is a welcome addition to Eurotrade and the airport as it provides the opportunity for travellers to explore the new range as well as encourages trial and purchase,” said Eurotrade Purchasing Director, Gerhard Haeusler.

“We are always looking to capture the imagination of visitors and the sensory installation within the store is certain to attract customers and pique their interest.”

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