Moodie Davitt Video View: Maude Circle International Chairman Angeline Goh introduces her new venture Apripure

Apripure Cosmetics leverages the health secrets of the Hunzakuts to create beauty products that boost skin resilience and longevity

SINGAPORE. In our new series Moodie Davitt Video View, we bring you exclusive on-the-ground coverage from the most innovative brands in travel retail straight from the industry’s most important events.

In this edition, The Moodie Davitt Report Founder & Chairman Martin Moodie sits down at the recent TFWA Asia Pacific show in Singapore with beauty industry veteran Maude Circle International Chairman Angeline Goh who talks about her new venture, Apripure.

Apripure is a beauty brand that takes inspiration from the Hunza Valley (Hunzakuts) in Kashmir which borders, India, Pakistan and China. Notably, the average life expectancy of the Hunzakuts is 120 years old. This is thanks to their healthy plant-based diet which is centred around Hunza Apricots, a fruit known for its myriad benefits to health and beauty.

“Apripure Cosmetics is a brand that is founded in Singapore but made in Switzerland,” Goh explains. “I was inspired by the longevity of the people of Hunza Valley and their beautiful skin and hair from eating the Hunza Apricots. Apripure Cosmetics believes in the power of nature and has harnessed the secrets of the Hunza Valley to create a skincare range that delivers naturally radiant and resilient skin.”

While starting a new brand may be a daunting task for others, Goh believes that Apripure will be a success in both travel retail and domestic markets. She says: “I am very confident with Apripure because I have developed strong business relationships both in the local market and travel retail. It’s a very calculated race that I’ve taken on.”

“Niche beauty brands are very important because consumers are looking for something new” — Angeline Goh

This confidence can also be attributed to the recovery of the travel retail industry, which Goh believes is well underway. “I really see the industry bouncing back. I can see that people are travelling again and I believe that in 2024 that travel retail will be in full force again. The industry needs to stay focused and believe in this recovery.”

Another reason for Goh’s confidence is her belief in the evolution of the beauty landscape in travel retail. As more and more retailers become more receptive to niche beauty brands, Goh believes that it is now Apripure’s time to shine.

“Niche beauty brands are very important because consumers are looking for something new. The important thing is for niche beauty brands to have a strong brand story and high-quality ingredients.” ✈

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