Nemiroff Delikat savours Superior Taste Award

Nemiroff Delikat was awarded two stars by the expert jury at the International Taste & Quality Institute

UKRAINE. Nemiroff Delikat vodka has clinched a Superior Taste Award in a blind tasting contest held by the International Taste & Quality Institute.

The product was highly rated for its “remarkable taste” by the Brussels-based institute, which is a leading independent chef- and sommelier-based organisation dedicated to the expert evaluation and promotion of foods and drinks.

A dozen leading liquor brands were submitted for consideration at this year’s event, and Nemiroff Vodka Company was the only Ukrainian producer participating in the contest.

The panel of judges consisted of 120 chefs and drinks industry experts, representatives of the International Association of Sommeliers (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale).

The samples were evaluated using blind tasting, based on appearance, odour, flavour, aftertaste, and initial impression. Nemiroff Delikat was awarded two stars.

Commenting on the award, Nemiroff Company President and the Chairman of the Board Alexander Glus said: “Among the most important values of the Nemiroff Company, perfect quality is the main one. During our 18-year presence in the alcohol market, we have confirmed our commitment to our values. The quality and taste of our products are recognised by the experts from around the world. Today’s Superior Taste Award is not the first award of Nemiroff beverages. Last year, ITQI highly appreciated the quality and taste of Lex Ultra vodka. I believe we will get more awards in the future – both from ITQI and from other international ratings and contests.”

About Nemiroff Delikat

Launched in October 2009, Nemiroff Delikat vodka targets the mid-price market segment. Earlier this year it was awarded a double gold medal in the white vodkas category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Nemiroff Delikat is produced using natural ingredients. Its softness is achieved through the filtration of water-alcohol mixture along with the use of a special combination of filters based on activated carbons made of birch, stone fruits and coconuts. The drink contains ginger, which is combined with other ingredients to deliver a soft taste. The production process is described as laborious and costly and rejects unnatural additives or softeners.


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