Nemiroff to reveal Lex ultra-premium vodka at TFWA World Exhibition

Presented in a specially designed bottle, Lex by Nemiroff is ready to hit the Cannes spotlight

Ukrainian Vodka maker Nemiroff is set to unveil its ultra-premium expression, Lex by Nemiroff, at next week’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes (E30, Yellow Village).

Lex by Nemiroff is described as a “testament to innovation, craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence”.

Nemiroff CEO Yuriy Sorochynskiy said: “Breaking free from traditional conventions, Nemiroff embarked on a journey to redefine the ultra-premium vodka experience for a new generation of discerning drinkers. Lex, derived from the Latin word meaning ‘law’, will be a best match for those who set their own rules of success and gourmet preferences.

“Our goal is to achieve perfection in every bottle. That is why our iconic vodka is predominantly assembled by hand, emphasising our artisanal approach and ensuring the utmost care throughout the production process.”

Lex by Nemiroff is produced through 13 filtration stages 

The latest expression is presented in a specially designed bottle made from perfume glass produced in France by Saverglass.

The brand owner noted that it took a year to develop the bottle design, which reflects the desired aesthetic for the ultra-premium vodka. Additional elements of the bottle and packaging are made in Ukraine to support local producers and promote Ukrainian craftsmanship.

Reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability, the bottle can be repurposed and used as a decanter.

The development process for the new ultra-premium expression took three years and involved 100 tastings. The vodka’s distinct flavour profile was influenced by its terroir, which features wheat from the Podilia region and water from local artesian springs.

Nemiroff Global Chief Marketing Officer Mykola Takzey said: “With a consumer in mind, by expertly using a new approach in distillation, Nemiroff has pushed the boundaries of vodka production. Achieving crystal-clear appearance without sacrificing flavour is a testament to the remarkable talent, and we are immensely proud of this bold innovation.”

The liquid is distilled through a 13-stage filtration process, including silver, platinum, shungite and amber filtrations.

The vodka’s enhanced smoothness, clarity and flavour, and its golden or amber hue, were imparted by the amber filtration process.

Lex by Nemiroff is velvety on the palate and offers biscuity undertones, leaving a lingering rounded, smooth and perfectly balanced sensation. It is recommended to be served on the rocks.

Initially launching exclusively in travel retail, the vodka will later be released into global markets. ✈

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