Nestlé unveils limited-edition Quality Street Ramadan gift pack

INTERNATIONAL. Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has launched the limited-edition Quality Street Ramadan gift pack throughout the Middle East region.

A key component of NITR’s Perfect Store initiative is the development of specific and relevant gifting solutions to increase shopper conversion in store. The approaching holy month of Ramadan presents an ideal opportunity for NITR to offer travellers a gifting solution that meets a shopper mission during this key gifting period, the brand owner said.

The specially designed 850g tin is exclusive to travel retail, enhancing its gift appeal and giving travellers a reason to buy in store, said NITR. With an updated design from the previous editions, this product has a sleeve that features a gold Arabic theme depicting symbolic elements, giving it strong shelf appeal, gift appeal and festivity, according to NITR.

NITR Customer Marketing Manager Alan Brennan commented: “This is the fifth year we have offered the Quality Street Ramadan gift tin; it fits perfectly within our Perfect Store competency module to provide special product solutions which entice and engage travellers, increasing penetration and converting browsers to shoppers.”

The NITR Ramadan gift pack is available now for on-shelf listing from August, enabling retailers to feature the gift pack strongly in the run-up to Ramadan.

For customer enquiries contact Alan Brennan, Nestlé International Travel Retail; tel: +41 21 948 29 71; or e-mail:

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