Nestlé’s Perfect Store initiative: growing the size of the basket

INTERNATIONAL. On average, shoppers spend between 90-120 seconds queuing at the Cash Till Point, according to a new body of research from Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR). The brand owner is intent on driving awareness of the category in partnership with retailers, as part of its Perfect Store initiative.

Via The Moodie Report, Nestlé is releasing selected elements from its research around the crucial areas of penetration, conversion and average basket size. In the past two weeks, we have revealed that 15% of shoppers don’t even notice the confectionery category in-store, and that just 17% of shoppers in travel retail make a purchase in the confectionery category.

Unlocking the potential of the Cash Till Point (CTP) can have a dramatic effect in increasing average transaction values, according to NITR.

“Till points at airports are often not engaging to shoppers, badly designed, very forbidding and carrying the wrong ranges,” said NITR Customer Marketing Manager Alan Brennan. “But with better engagement and interaction with the customer we can double the conversion figures in this area.

“The big question for every retailer is “˜do you have a till point strategy?’ It’s one of the most glaring, untapped opportunities in travel retail. There’s room to make a step-change here.

“Retailers should see the CTP as low-hanging fruit, and a quick win. It should not involve a lot of decision making or an about turn within an organisation. That’s one of our key messages to the trade.”

Working with one major global retailer this year, NITR tested a new CTP system after changing the range, the signage and the display, and adapting pricing to the passenger profile. The results were dramatic, with shopper interaction, conversion, overall confectionery sales and spend per head each improving sharply. The average transaction value climbed by double digits in the pilot period.

Below is one example of how the till point area can be optimised in a travel retail store, featuring better signage, display and engagement with the consumer, featured through our Moodie Magnifier.

NITR will be releasing details of this project, plus other key findings around its Perfect Store drive, at next week’s TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.

For customer enquiries contact Alan Brennan, Nestlé International Travel Retail; tel: +41 21 924 5802; or e-mail:

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