Nordic Travel Retail Seminar gets off to roaring start – 07/04/05

NORDIC REGION. The Nordic Travel Retail Group announced yesterday that only one week after issuing the invitations its 2005 Seminar is 70% booked.

Nordic Travel Retail Group chairman Alan Bork said: “We are very thrilled to see such great interest. One of the disadvantages of having the conference on a ship [Color Fantasy] is that capacity is limited. This year we have only 125 cabins, limiting the number of delegates correspondingly. By now, only one week after sending out invitations, we have less than 40 cabins left so unfortunately we may end up turning down delegates. However, we do encourage people to register soon. We will try our best to accommodate everybody”.

This year’s Nordic Travel Retail Seminar, scheduled for 25-26 May, pays special attention to the challenges faced by the ferry sector, especially in the Baltic area. The Seminar also features a session focussing on retail excellence, providing a strong benchmark to the best retail performers in the high-street retail environment.

One of the often neglected categories in Travel Retail, though often representing a significant part of sales, is the Convenience category. The Seminar dedicates a special session to this sector.

Keynote speaker is Frank O’Connell, President of European Travel Retail Council. The event will be moderated by The Moodie Report Publisher Martin Moodie.

For further information please contact Nordic Travel Retail Group by e-mail: or visit the association’s web-site


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