Nuance-Watson wins Hong Kong audio visual/electronics tender

HONG KONG. Nuance-Watson (HK) Limited Partnership has won the Hong Kong International airport, “Audio Visual /Electronic Equipment licence (AVEE)” tender.

The newly-created concession comprises three shops covering 446sq m (4,799sq ft) on the airside concourse of the terminal. It will run for five years.

The AVEE category has in the past been part of the “General Merchandise” concession, also operated by Nuance-Watson (HK).

The Audio Visual / Electronic Equipment licence will comprise three shops, each representing a different concept. The shops will have the exclusive offer for audio, visual, electrical, electronic and photographic equipment, electronic games and accessories, tapes, CDs, DVDs and laser discs, mobile phones and
accessories, PCs and accessories and telecommunications products at Hong Kong International Airport.

The important AVEE licence used to be part of the General Merchandise licence, also operated by Nuance-Watson (HK). This success follows the win of the Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Shops, Luxury Brand Boutiques and General Merchandise concessions over the last months by Nuance-Watson

Alessandra Piovesana, managing director of Nuance-Watson (HK) Limited Partnership said: “We are pleased and prepared to take up this new, challenging and strategic self standing Electronics concession. Technology development over the past four years has been most intriguing and exciting. Future technologies will
ensure added value to the concession and strengthen our company portfolio. We are delighted with this win.”

Nuance-Watson (HK) Limited Partnership – Nuance-Watson (Hong Kong) is a joint venture between The Nuance Group and AS Watson with each partner holding equal shares. Nuance-Watson (HK) has been trading at Hong
Kong International airport ever since it opened in 1998.

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