Parfums Christian Dior launches striking 3D anamorphic campaign at Los Angeles International

Cut like a suit: The vibrant 3D campaign highlights the Jasmine and Peony notes of Miss Dior and underlines its links with the couture house

Parfums Christian Dior Travel Retail Americas, part of LVMH Group, is celebrating the relaunch of Miss Dior Parfum with an innovative 3D anamorphic campaign exclusively at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The campaign, which launched on 1 March and will run for a three-month period, leverages cutting-edge 3D technology to bring the square silhouette of the Miss Dior bottle to life via striking multi-storey digital screen displays.

With the message ‘Cut like a suit’, the visuals highlight Miss Dior’s empowering feminist message while also reinforcing its links to the couture house.

The 3D anamorphic animations were designed in collaboration with BCN Visuals and are showing exclusively at LAX. They transport travellers to the world of Miss Dior, while simultaneously showcasing its Jasmine and Peony notes.

Miss Dior is a delicate, floral and woody fragrance that comes in an elegant square glass bottle. Every aspect of Miss Dior is brought to life in vibrant detail through the campaign. ✈


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