Peak Technologies and SwipBox unveil Infinity parcel locker to ‘revolutionise duty free shopping’ in Ireland

IRELAND. Parcel locker specialist SwipBox has partnerd with Peak Technologies, an end-to-end retail technology solutions provider, to introduce the Infinity locker.

It will soon be launched at one of Ireland’s key airports (yet to be disclosed), SwipBox said.

The Infinity parcel locker integrates Peak’s click & collect/in store retail solutions with SwipBox’s app-operated lockers that do not require power, data or permanent fixing, offering airport operators the option to relocate lockers as and when required. The locker allows passengers to collect their purchases anytime without queuing. 

SwipBox noted: “The new click & collect solution will revolutionise duty free shopping, allowing customers to conveniently pick up their purchases from an app-operated parcel locker located at the airport.” 

Apart from the Infinity locker, SwipBox will provide mobile applications for both delivery and pick up – the latter using a dedicated click & collect app. 

SwipBox was founded in 2012 by Allan Kaczmarek. Within its first two weeks the company unveiled 400 parcel lockers in Denmark.

Peak Technologies Europe Managing Director René Schrama said, “Adding parcel lockers as a pick=up option allows our retailers to offer customers a higher degree of flexibility.  

“In fact, what attracted us to the Infinity solution was its flexibility as a whole; with the installation time of just ten minutes, we can easily add more lockers when needed during peak periods such as the holiday season.” 

SwipBox Chief Commercial Officer Kasper Cort remarked: “It’s great to partner with Peak Technologies, who are so strong within retail technology globally. Coupled with our expertise in lockers and locker apps we believe we have an attractive solution – and one that can be used not only in airports but in retail more widely. 

“Our two brands have a great synergy, and I believe we can drive this far once retailers experience how smooth this click & collect solution is.” ✈

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