Pet-sonality Profile with Tito’s Handmade Vodka: Meet Julio Cesar Magaña Ortiz and Hope

The Moodie Davitt Report is delighted to bring you the latest edition in our Pet-sonality Profile column, in association with Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

In this regular fun feature, we discover more about travel retail pet-sonalities, their back stories, traits and habits, as well as offering some insights into their owners. Each pet-sonality will also be painted digitally by pets and equine artist Sami Moodie.

In this edition, we meet *Casa Cuervo Logistics Manager Julio Cesar Magaña Ortiz and Hope, a tiny chihuahua who has stolen his heart.

Seein’ me and Julio down on the bedside: Hope and Julio Cesar Magaña Ortiz enjoy a peaceful moment

Name + nickname: Hope, but we usually call her Hopie.

Breed: Chihuahua

Age: One year and nine months.

How did you meet? Hope’s parents are Axl and Ammy, owned by my girlfriend Sandy. When Hope was born, Ammy bit her hours after while feeding and poor Hopie lost part of her lip due to this bite. To avoid another attack, we decided to keep Hopie away from the others, so I have taken care of her since she was a puppy.

Love at first sight?  Absolutely. In the very early days, Sandy used to bring her home. She was in a carton box covered with a blanket and we listened to her small shrieks when she was hungry.

Hope fitted exactly into the palm of my hand. Sandy bottle-fed her and gave Hope her first toy, a small seal; she looked like she was fighting against a huge whale.

Hopie took her first steps at home including stairs. Whenever she slipped we used to hug her because she made a scared face that no-one can resist.

Quirky habits? Hopie loves stuffed toys. I have given her balls, cows, dogs, a porcupine, seals, dolphins but her real favourites are footballs. She loves to run and bring them back.

She also loves to go to the park. Whenever she sees me getting her harness and leash, she runs to the sofa and waits for me to put it on her.

Hope springs eternal: When not curled up on Julio or Sandy’s lap, Hope is always ready for a walk

Funniest and/or nicest moment? She loves to sleep on my lap. I spend many hours working or studying online and she’s always with me, sleeping. But when she thinks that I’m taking too long, she growls asking for attention.

Favourite trick? And treat? Hopie waits for me to feed her, and I don’t mean just putting food in a bowl. She is fussy. She likes me to hand feed her so I take minutes to do this every day.

That said, she eats only when she wants to. She will run to sit on my lap and eat croquettes one by one. If she doesn’t feel like eating, she starts to dance around.

Social media accounts? I opened her hops.2020 Instagram account just a few week ago. Of course you can also find Hopie’s photos on my julio.magana.o page as well!

If Hopie could talk, what would her first words be? “Love you daddy”. Or at least I hope so!

Anything else to add? No, just to say thank you to The Moodie Davitt Report.

Best company: Julio and Hope out on the town

*Note: Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Casa Cuervo is a subsidiary of Grupo Cuervo, a privately owned company that manufactures, imports and distributes wines and spirits.

In addition to its namesake tequila, Casa Cuervo’s portfolio includes Gran Centenario, 1800 and Maestro Dobel tequilas, Creyente and 400 Conejos mezcals, Bushmills Irish whiskey, Kraken rum and Boodles gin, along with a range of ready-to-drink and non-alcoholic products.

As reported, Tito’s Handmade Vodka entered a distribution partnership with Casa Cuervo for the Mexican market earlier this year.

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**Click here for our introductory story on the Duty Free Unleashed partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. The independent vodka brand from Austin, Texas has had a close connection with the welfare of dogs since its founding by Bert ‘Tito’ Beveridge in 1997. The company has always been committed to rescuing and protecting the animals that have come into the lives of its people, and has even created a programme, Vodka for Dog People, to help that come to life.

*** The Moodie Davitt Report is creating a digital artwork of every pet featured to be shared with every industry pet owner who participates.

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