Pet-sonality Profile with Tito’s Handmade Vodka: Meet Taxi and Antoine Bona

USA. The Moodie Davitt Report is delighted to introduce a new column, Pet-sonality Profile, in association with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. In this regular fun feature we aim to discover more about the pets of well-known industry figures. Each pet-sonality will also be painted digitally by pets and equine artist Sami Moodie (yes, that Moodie clan). 

In this edition, we feature Taxi, a little rescue dog who has won the heart of Miami-based Essence Corp Vice President Sales Antoine Bona.

Holiday buddies: Antoine Bona with Taxi in Sedona, Arizona

Name: Taxi.

How so? I know it’s rather an unusual name but my wife Jessi lived in New York and thought it would be funny running after her dog and yelling Taxi, Taxi! Taxi responded really well to her name which probably isn’t too surprising as her adoption papers showed it was originally Dixie.

My nickname for Taxi is ‘Poulet’ because she has chicken legs.

Breed: Unknown. She’s a rescue dog.

Age? I would say she is about ten.

How did you meet: I met her through my wife whom I met eight years ago. Taxi seemed very pleased to meet me then.

Love at first sight? With Taxi that is… It’s fair to say that she grew on me, joining me for yoga sessions in the morning and laying on my lap watching Miami Heat basketball games, quite often along with my now three-year-old son Remi.

Taxi is a barker and can get quite excited watching the games.

Taxi settles in to watch the Miami Heat game

Quirky habits? She is afraid of bowls so I have to put her food on the floor. Rather surprisingly, Taxi is a big eater and will lick everything off the floor as well.

Funniest moment: We were at Monty’s Miami Beach Bar when Taxi decided to chase after a bird. She obviously forgot that she was tied to a barstool and she took the chair with her.

I ran after her yelling ‘Taxi Taxi!’ Quite naturally, people thought I was crazy and so was my dog. Dogs are not really allowed there so she had really blown her low cover.

Favourite trick? And treat: She loves to chase birds on the beach. Almost as much as she loves any bean soup.

“You talkin’ to me?” Taxi likes to express herself (a case of Bark’s concerto in D whiner)

If your dog could talk what would be her first words: She would explain that she is a people person and not a dog person at all. She thinks she’s human and will go after any dog in sight; even the much bigger ones.

Favourite airport/airline: Taxi is a traveller and I would say her favourite would be American Airlines to Montauk New York. That’s where I met her for the first time.

Special moment for the Bona family: With Taxi included of course

In the past, Taxi always travelled with us but now we have two kids we sometimes drop her off to stay with our parents. We recently went to New York and brought her along with us; the kids were happy to see her fly with them.

Anything else we should know? Taxi is a real sweet dog; loves to cuddle and curl up on the bed. She used not to like kids but my children really gave her no choice. Now she happily sleeps with Remi at night.

Out of gas: Taxi comes to a stop

Antoine Bona is Vice President Sales at Essence Corp, the family-owned, Miami-based distributor of fragrances and cosmetics. The company was founded in 1988 by Antoine’s parents, Patricia and Jean-Jacques Bona. Click here for further details.

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